New Pc: Monitor Questions [ Connections etc. ]

  matthew12106 09:14 28 Oct 2013

I just bought a new pc and a new monitor this one: click here i'm a complete noob to this pc stuff. I'm going to be doing a test build in other words I'm going to build my pc outside of the case first to make sure all the individual components are working but I have an extreme lack of knowledge about moniotrs and the cables needed to connected them to your pc. When I saw someone else building a test bed [ from this video at 20:30 ] [click here]2] uses from what looks like a HDMI from his graphics card to his moniotr ps my graphics card is this: [click here that what your meant to use always our just for test beds? I the monitor I bought comes with a VGA cable aswell. Or from my guessing is that I use the VGA cable from the back of the motherboard to the monitor? Anyways help would be appreciated

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  The Kestrel 09:19 28 Oct 2013

Your monitor has both VGA and DVI-D connectors. If your motherboard also has a DVI-D connector, then this is the one to use as you will then get the best quality display. You will need to purchase a DVI-D cable to do this.

  The Kestrel 09:22 28 Oct 2013

Sorry forgot to add this link to DVI-D cables from Amazon.

click here

  matthew12106 09:32 28 Oct 2013

THis is my motherboard click here

  The Kestrel 12:21 28 Oct 2013

Is the graphics card you are using the same as that given in your link from the first post? If not can you provide a link to the graphics card you have installed on your PC so that I can see what connectors are provided to link to your monitor.

  matthew12106 12:53 28 Oct 2013

Yes it is Graphics card: click here click here click here

Motherboard: Monitor:

  matthew12106 12:55 28 Oct 2013

Also as well as telling me what do i need to buy from the best quailty will the VGA cable still work for just the intial setting up of the pc

  The Kestrel 13:06 28 Oct 2013

OK the graphics card appears to only have DVI and HMDI connectors, so no VGA. The monitor has VGA and DVI connectors, so you will need a DVI cable to connect the graphics card to the monitor. Rather than buy from Amazon or elsewhere online, you could obtain one from a local Maplins or PC World outlet. Argos also stock them.

  matthew12106 13:35 28 Oct 2013

Alright thanks a million I'll go buy a DVI connecter also just out of interest the graphics card has one DVI slot and the Monitor has DVI-D that makes no diffrence right? so any dvi connecter will work I'll probably buy this one click here

  matthew12106 13:42 28 Oct 2013

actually this one click here

  matthew12106 13:46 28 Oct 2013

Wait a minute but DVI cable won't carry the audio so shouldn't i get HDMI to DVI

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