New pc / monitor probs

  yogibear 19:35 26 Jul 2011

Just bought my son a new pc and 23" monitor. Connect everything up and turn on monitor, ok. Turn on PC and monitor goes onto standby, and nothing will 'reawaken' it. Tried different VGA cable and the same occurs.

Can take it back in morning, but wondered if you good peeps had any ideas.


  woody 19:54 26 Jul 2011

Some monitors have to be set - dvi vga etc by useing the mon buttons. Have you tried useing a diff outlet on your graph card?

  birdface 19:56 26 Jul 2011

You may have to change the setting on the TV/monitor or maybe try the HDMI cable only £1 odds on e-buyer.

Maybe the driver needs updating for it.

You get a CD with the settings including drivers I presume.I never used it and just let Microsoft update it.

oops just thinking the computer may not have an HDMI connection or you would have tried that.

  birdface 19:59 26 Jul 2011

Does the old monitor work on it,Worth a try if you still have it.

  Woolwell 21:05 26 Jul 2011

It is possible that it is looking for a dvi or hdmi connection instead of vga and you manually have to change on the monitor although most monitors automatically recognise the connection.

New PC is there any out put on an old monitor.

Without picture buteman's suggestions about drivers is not going to work.

  yogibear 22:45 26 Jul 2011

That's it, I cannot get to the settings as there is no boot up screen, it just goes to standby as soon as the PC is turned on. They are both brand new, out of the box tonight. Miffed or what?

  yogibear 22:58 26 Jul 2011

The PC is an Aspire x5400, the monitor Acer P236H. All I get is the 'No signal Input ' blue icon.

  woody 23:36 26 Jul 2011

The settings for mon do not need pc working - you use the buttons on the mon. Does the pc boot up - i know you can not see it - but does it boot. Does the hard drive show it is working?

  carver 07:53 27 Jul 2011

Most times when you get the 'No signal Input ' that is either down to a faulty cable between the graphic card and monitor or the graphic card is not working.

Can you connect the monitor to another PC or laptop just to check it, when you start the PC up do you get any noise coming from it, a beep, 2 beeps?

  yogibear 15:23 31 Jul 2011

Thanks for that everyone. The 'fault' was that the VGA connector was disconnected inside the case, an HDMI cable was needed to connect it all up. The fact that a shiny new VGA cable was included in the box, no HDMI cable, and nothing anywhere to indicate that this was the case threw me.

Acer Aspire AX5400, anyone buying one make a note of it, you need to buy a seperate HDMI cable.

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