New PC - low performance in games

  harrynecek 17:31 05 Dec 2014


I recently built a new PC but I am a little bit disappointed with it's performance. It was never ment to be gaming PC but I'd like to run some occasionally.

  • CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K Quad Core 3,7 GHz
  • GPU: EVGA GeForce 750 Ti OC
  • RAM: 2x4GB 2,4 GHz Kingston Beast; dual channel MB: MSI A88X-G45, updated firmware
  • PSU: 500 W Corsair Bronze
  • OS: Win 7, fully updated
  • DRIVERS: fully updated

I had major problems getting this PC started, because provided bios didn't fully support neither the CPU and RAM, but It seems to be fully working and stable now. (despite the low performance).

I ran a few benchmarks and the results were quite good. But then I ran 3D Mark and the results were strange - i got around 17k points for graphic performance but only 5k for physics.

Another strange thing is I got almost same FPS (~30) in games (Far Cry 4 for example) with low details as with ultra details.

The workload of CPU in games is around 80%; GPU is peaking to 100%.

Any advices? Maybe the Nvidia GPU is not a good match with AMD CPU?

  harrynecek 19:34 05 Dec 2014

The official benchmarks looks great and the core is clocked to 1320 MHz. It doesn't look insufficient to me. My old laptop has much older GT 520M and the performance is not so different. Though now I play in 1080p because anything less looks awful on my budget LCD.

  rdave13 23:55 05 Dec 2014

Everything looks top notch. If this is your mobo then check all updates, link.

Suggestions only, do a memtest, check your hard drive and check in Sata port 1 (0) on mobo. Ran an Nividia card on a AMD board with no problems. Initial installation was a problem but after that it was ok.

  harrynecek 00:21 06 Dec 2014

This is EVGA GPU HW monitor with Far Cry 4 running on ultra settings. click here noticed a strange peaks in TDP power consumption. Shouldn't that be as straight as possible?

Maybe the problem is the GPU is not getting enough power through PSI x16 (the GPU doesn't require any addional connectors).

  • The hard drive is in the first SATA port and mobo is fully updated.


  rdave13 00:41 06 Dec 2014

No power connector on the card? Possibly got the wrong one but look at this,Extra six-pin PCIe power connector required .

  harrynecek 14:42 06 Dec 2014

No. My EVGA card does not have any external power socket.

  rdave13 16:21 06 Dec 2014

Well I'm stumped to be honest. This might not be related but running Win 7 on an UEFI board means that it's running in legacy mode and the Harddrive is set as MBR partition and not GPT. Can't think if this could affect the card's performance though. Hopefully someone else can jump in here with better suggestions.

  nickf 19:51 06 Dec 2014

Firstly , don't read too much into benchmark results , they are artificial , and can lead you own the wrong path when trying to cure problems . With regards to your FPS in far cry 4 , could it be as simple as v sync being on ? Check make sure windows has the correct settings for your monitor . If it is set to 30MHz and v sync is on , you will only get 30fps . The Gtx750 Ti is a good little card , but you will not get great performance on the newer games . You could try turning the anti-aliasing off , as this will drag performance down .

  rdave13 00:01 07 Dec 2014

Still say it's an old OS running on top spec system. Win 7 is dead in the water with EFI.

  harrynecek 22:52 08 Dec 2014

Thanks for suggestions everyone!

Nickf: belive me, I've tried everything that you've mentioned. Every setting is optimized for the best results.

rdave13: that is an interesting fact. Haven't thought of it. I am used to work with windows 7 because it has all my favorite features from XP in a modern form. Haven't had a reason to upgrade so far.

Well I'll wait on some post-xmas sales and I'll buy a nice R9 Ati card. If it doesn't help I will upgrade the OS. I hope it isn't a CPU-related issue. But it should be the best recent ADM processor, am I right?

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