New PC locking up

  hugeb 10:30 24 Feb 2005

I bought a new PC which is causing a headache.
It's got a AMD Semp 2600, 1GB ddr ram, 120GB hd and its running XP Home.
I have installed BT Broadband and am using a speedtouch 330 adsl modem from BT.
Without any extra software/programs installed the mouse keeps freezing up when I try to get it to move...I have tied with different mice/keyboards with and without the modem connected but it still locks up..I have already had it back at the shop where it worked perfectly but looks like it will have to go back again unless someone out there can think of something obvious that I may be doing wrong.
Help !

  961 10:46 24 Feb 2005

try turning down the hardware acceleration in the video settings one or even two notches.

are there any yellow exclamation marks in the device manager list in control panel/system?

Is this a usb modem?

  curlylad 11:24 24 Feb 2005

We need to know the mouse make and model.

Have you done what 961 has suggested yet ?

Does the mouse work properly in safe mode ?

Have you done a full Anti Virus scan , spyware and adware scan to rule out the possibility of influences from 'THE DARK SIDE' ha ha ha ?

Post back answering these points or answer via post card or sealed down envelope !!!

I must get out more.

  hugeb 11:46 24 Feb 2005

Device manager shows nothing
Yes its a usb modem (will only be using in the short term as I'm getting wireless)

Mouse type isn't the problem as I have 4 different ones and they didn't make any difference. Have also tried different keyboards.

Maybe got the answer....Norton Internet Security 2005 had an error and I have just uninstalled ..then re-installed it.

Fingers crossed...seems to be working.
If it goes on the blink again I think its going back to the shop for exchange
Thanks for responding.

  961 13:19 24 Feb 2005

Norton again, eh?

Try F-Secure plus Zone Alarm

  hugeb 19:30 24 Feb 2005


I should have learned my lesson with my laptop...I had some problems when I first installed it but subsequently got them sorted.
What is F-secure like? I have used zone alarm but it doesn't like Norton...or Norton doesn't like it

  961 08:48 25 Feb 2005

I've used F-secure for about 6 months and I find it trouble free and very professional. It updates itself, often twice a day. I started with a 30 day trial download during which time I was offered a substantial discount on a one year deal. I used to use AVG and then Avast, both free. I wouldn't go back

The current Zone Alarm works fine on my system.

You'll need to un-install ALL of Norton from your system. There are threads all over the internet about how to do this. Take time and be methodical as it does tend to spread itself all over your system

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