New pc loads of issues

  nyleridedog 20:53 17 Mar 2005

Hi their guys hope yer can offer some advice!

I just bought a packard bell pc model no:1404
3 gig 256 mem, although the sis gfx card takes 64 so im left with 192 meg of ram, is that paltry or what!

What keeps on happing is that i keep getting messages popping up saying "ccapp" is ending then i get one saying hpz 1301(printer stuff) is ending task, then the pc tries to close and sticks on the shutdown screen , were upon the usb mouse stops working!

Ive reinstalled the os thru using the supplied restore disk , 3 times , 4 if you count the first pc which i took back with exactly the same issues!

Im using tiscali broadband with a usb adsl modem!

I went into the event veiwer and looking on system the following errors were reported

1, The system restore filter encountererd an error 0x00000d

2, Remote control management has encountererd an error

3, adildr.sys( failed to start!

also a file called click me click me which is a packard bell prog, is listed their!

Pc is very slow, nothing is installed at all except what was on the restore disk!

a wierd thing that happend is that i tried to print off the internet and it printed a inch or two and then stopped, i have turned the pc on and off many times since and nothing and then today i turned it on and it printed the web page from 4 days ago?

any help or guidance would be apprecciated!

or should i just take it back?


  VoG II 20:56 17 Mar 2005

ccapp is Norton. Remove and use AVG click here

  stalion 20:57 17 Mar 2005

too many problems best to take it back

  pk470 21:01 17 Mar 2005

I would just return your computer it's new you've
paid the money for a computer that isn't working
for what ever reason ask for it to be replaced or refund.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:11 17 Mar 2005

I have the impression that the problems are not exactly reclining prostrate at PB's door as you had the same issues with PC#1 and more likely incorrectly installed software. Dump Norton for it is dire, run click here, run here , delete all they find and also download and scan with click here

I would also give the printer the once over as well.


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