New PC keeps freezing randomly and blue screen

  VonCroy 18:12 24 Aug 2018

Hello. I just bought a new pc, built it and after 1 day of usage or less, it suddenly started to freeze randomly when I was trying to install the drivers or some other programs. I did reset the windows, but it did it again. The blue screen that usually comes up is named CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error. I have tried a couple youtube solution videos, have ran memtest for 4 hours, without a single error detected and have disconnected the hdd, leaving only the ssd, which does not seem to be the problem. The only thing that happened is my ssd just dropped off my hands to the floor at 1 meter, should I try installing windows on the hdd? Also pc is connected in a polypropylene, could that be a problem? Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance. PC specs Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Ram: G. Skill Aegis 8gb 3000 mhz (was in bios 2144 and then put it to 2900+,but put it back down afterwards) Gpu: Sapphire Radeon 580 8gb Ssd:Kingston A400 240gb Hdd:1Tb caviar blue WD Psu: Corsair Cx450m Mobo: Msi B350m PRO-VDH (System temperatures are all low)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 25 Aug 2018

can be caused by 1) a driver problem or 2) a corrupt system file.

  1. uninstall and reinstall your drivers and retry.

  2. from a command prompt or powershell prompt run

sfc / scannow

let windows scan for and replace missing or corrrupt windows files then reboot the machine and retry.

  VonCroy 12:25 25 Aug 2018

Hi there. I ran this command and came up eith some missing files, which windows could not fix and replace. Do you have any other ideas? I did install the drivers again this morning after refresh of windows last night and no bsod error to the moment, just a freeze again. Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 25 Aug 2018

Backup any files you want to keep and go into start - settings - update and recovery - recovery - Reset.

you can reset windows keeping data or you can rest without keeping data (all files in your user folder, pics videos etc. will be deleted)

this will basically reinstall windows and should fix the problem of missing files and hopefully cure your BSOD.

  VonCroy 13:14 25 Aug 2018

Problem is I did that already and it was not fixed. Is it going to make a difference now that I have updated the bios? I will still have to install the drivers again right?

  wee eddie 14:26 25 Aug 2018

Assuming you didn't install one of those weird Update Apps, this should not be happening.

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