new pc help

  RizzeE 20:53 09 Jul 2008

well, i wanna go into 3d animation, and a company im doing work experience with said that they all use windows based pc, (theyve won awards for cgi and other stuff) so im guessing they know what they talk about.

im just wondering, what exactly would you recommend i put into a new pc, which im gonna build, for animation and other animation programmes?

I do a lot of photo/video editing already so yeah

hehe thanks!

  skidzy 21:37 09 Jul 2008

For what this will cost you it maybe better to contact someone like Cougar or Novatech and see what they can build it for.

Your going to need a good cpu such as high end core2duo or even quad core.

Branded psu
High end graphics card and plenty of ram.

Though obviously it will depend how intensive the graphics program is.

If we knew the software to be used,we can advise on the specs needed.

  MarvintheAndroid 22:14 09 Jul 2008

Fast multi-core processor yes, tons of RAM yes.

Pay particular attention to the graphics card, as cards designed for high end animation / rendering are expensive. Examples are the ATI FireGL and NVidia Quadro ranges.

Also set aside plenty of dosh for a decent large monitor.


  RizzeE 18:07 10 Jul 2008

well, i haveny any experience with 3d animation, so im probably gonna start of with 2d apps, like flash nd stuff, but most probably Maya

ive already got a pretty decent monitor

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