New PC for HD video editing

  indri 22:29 10 Mar 2010

I have been successfully editing SD video on my laptop for many years (Roxio software) but have just acquired an HD camera and the poor laptop just can't handle it (no surprise there). So am planning on keeping the laptop for all but video work and buying a new desktop to dedicate to the video and audio work. But I'm completely baffled by everything that's on the market today - hence posting in Absolute Beginners.

What are the cirtical components I should be looking for in the spec?

Does anyone know of recent articles/web sites that can give (impartial) advice?

Do systems specced up for "gaming" handle HD equally well?

Are there manufacturers that sell systems that are specifically built for video editing that anyone can recommend?

Budget? Research so far suggest it's unlikely to come in less than £500 and I wouldn't want to go as far as £1,000. But, if it's possible, I would like to stay closer to the £500!

Any help/advice to a hardware muppet would be extremely welcome! Thanks in advance.

  Terry Brown 14:22 11 Mar 2010

The problem with HD is not just the Computer, you will also need a a HD monitor to see them on,a standard one will not work or be blurry.

There is a program (not tried)that says it can convert from HD back to standard format click here

There are also other sites, you might like to try, until you decide what you want to spend your money on.
click here=

  indri 18:56 11 Mar 2010

Thanks Terry for the suggestion. I've already tried the software you've suggested on a twin core driven pc. It takes does take a while and the results are not great. But I am going to have another crack at it, and maybe try some others, before taking the HD plunge!

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