new pc has user already there

  Helen Weaver 08:34 05 Mar 2019

I bought a brand new laptop, and set up a user name as requested by the system. When I restarted the computer there was another user name already in existence. I have never seen this on a new PC before, and am concerned that this gives rise to security issues. Can you advise me please.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:10 05 Mar 2019

A couple of questions for you Helen:

1) During the initial setup, were you asked to accept or decline lots of agreements for Windows, Cortana, and how your data is used etc, select a wireless network, then choose a username?

2) What's the name of this unknown user and does it appear next to yours on the Windows sign-in screen?

  Helen Weaver 09:53 05 Mar 2019

Hi Thanks for getting back to me.

There were no agreements for Windows, possibly Cortana but I'm not sure. It s an HP laptop, so there were agreements for HP. I think that the username was the first thing that was requested. I was not asked for a wireless network, it just selected ours automatically.

When the initial screen comes up the username Mike is shown underneath mine.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:56 05 Mar 2019

That doesn't sound right to me Helen. There should definitely be no "Mike" on the sign-in screen.

It certainly looks like a pre-owned laptop was returned and the retailer put it back on the shelf and then it was sold to you.

You should take it back to the retailer and demand a new one.

  Helen Weaver 13:37 05 Mar 2019

Thank you both very much for your sound advice and taking the time to give it. I will take it back.

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