New PC, Graphics card advice

  Rickalous_Singh 17:56 01 Nov 2012

Hi, I am thinking about using one of the customised websites (pcspecialist) to build a new pc. I am having trouble picking out a graphics card.

First of all I will be using my PC mainly for gaming purposes and video editing. My wish is to connect my new pc to a TV and a monitor. I would like to have the "ability" to choose which output I would like to view from with ease but I do not know how to do this. Would I need to purchase more hardware or software to enable me to choose to flick which output device to view from?

My TV is a 32" Samsung 3D (currently viewing my pc at 1024x768 @60Hz) and would obviously connect my PC via HDMI cable. I am going to buy a smaller touch monitor which I would also connect to my pc (but I don't know what cable I would use to connect the pc to).

With all that in mind I do not know which Graphics card to choose. I know 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 690 and 3GB AMD RADEON™ HD7970 are top models. But will either one be enough? Is it better to buy 2 graphics cards to match my demands? If 2 to better than 1 then which two do I buy?

Sorry for the lenthly question and also for my stupidity. I just want to buy a PC that will last me some years!



  frybluff 17:43 04 Nov 2012

I take it you mean you wish to play in 3D on your TV. You need to be sure your TV is compatable with nVidia's version of 3D. There are lists of compatable monitors on nVidia's site, also on Dell monitor site. You need to be sure your TV accepts 120Hz via HDMI. I believe some limit it to 60Hz.

Something of the power of GTX690 will certainly be suitable, but 2 No GTX670s is very close in performance, and cheaper. This is a good article comparing their

Bear in mind, for each resolution (presume your TV is 1080p), the frame rate, for 3D will be aprox half that for 2D.

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