New PC, digital camera and colour printer

  OAP Mike 00:42 20 Apr 2003

Help me please.

I have an old PC (AMD Duron, 192 MB RAM) which does me for Internet and word processing. I now wish to buy a new PC, to purchase a digital camera and a colour printer. I have been advised I need a modern up-to-date PC with lots of RAM, fast chip, and large hard disk. I'm now lost. Max price for PC £1,000, camera £300'ish, printer don't know prices.

Can anyone out there offer any suggestions (clean ones, although rude jokes are very acceptable.

Mike (OAP)

  clayton 00:50 20 Apr 2003

Any digital camera should work fine with your system, if you want to save the pictures off your camera you better doing it to cd, do you have a cd-writer you can get one for about £45, if you want photo quality pictures you might need to spend £150 plus on a printer.

ps if you have a duron processor you might be able to upgrade to an Athlon processor & more memory for very little cost try & find out what your motherboard make & model no is.

  powerless 01:13 20 Apr 2003

click here or pay 'em a visit and see what they can give you for a £1000.

Just state a few "i must haves" and see what they come up with.

Large Hard Drive. (40+ GB)

Lots of RAM. (512MB DDR)

Fast Processor. (1GHz+ AMD or Intel)

Decent Digital Camera. (2.5MP+)

Excellent Photo printer. (C62 click here )

  Gongoozler 10:29 20 Apr 2003

Hi Mike. I'm not sure about the basis for the advice you have been given. For processing still pictures you don't need an exceptionally fast processor or large hard drive. A typical digital camera photo will be of the order of 1Mb, so if you use half your 40G hard drive for storing your photos, it will hold 20,000 pictures! I suggest that you would back the pictures to cd well before your hard drive gets full. These days, 40G drives are just about the smallest supplied with a new computer.

I have an 850M Duron processor with 128M ram, and find that is plenty fast enough for processing my photos using Corel PhotoPaint. A faster processor would speed things up a little, but I don't think I would notice much difference, and with Windows 98se my 128M ram is enough, but if I had Windows XP, no doubt I would need more.

As for the camera, I would recommend at least 3Mp if you want to do any serious picture editing. 1Mp is ok if you just want to print to 8in x 4in, but doesn't have any reserve if if you want to select part of the picture for printing, or if you want to print to a full A4 sheet. Also make sure that the camera has a good optical zoom. Digital zoom can be useful, but is really only doing the same thing as selectively printing an area of the final picture.

A good photo quality printer is essential, otherwise all the money you spend on the computer and camera is wasted. When you make your choice of printer watch the ink cartridge cost. An A4 print of a colour photograph uses a lot of ink.

  SANAP 11:02 20 Apr 2003

Look at DELL and u should get all u want as a package, good price and support.

click here


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