new pc died

  howard63 16:30 02 Apr 2006

just built a new pc for my son-in-law. AMD64 3700 MSI neo4 mobo 1GB ram XP Pro sp2. Was working fine downloaded all updates and installed avg - ms defender - zone alarm etc. Transferred all data from his old pc and all appeared fine. I uninstalled my adsl software and took the unit round to his house. I plugged it in and the first sign of a problem was that the green light of the monitor went off after a few seconds. I then realised that I had heard no beeps. I have removed and checked the memory which is fine in my pc and the msi pci-e video card which also works fine in mine. With everything disconnected from the mobo except the power supply I get no beeps at all. At this moment I can only assume it is either the mobo connections from the psu [24 pin plug and 4 pin plug], the mobo itself or the AMD chip that has failed. When powered up all the fans run ie psu; cooler on top of cpu and small fan on the mobo. Could anyone suggest a way of determining which has failed. All suggestions appreciated as usual.

  howard63 16:54 02 Apr 2006

I have removed the mobo from the case and placed it on an insulated pad. When powered up with nothing connected there are still no beeps but the fans are running.

  phono 16:54 02 Apr 2006

Have you tried checking all cables are firmly connected and tried reseating RAM, CPU and video card?

  howard63 16:56 02 Apr 2006

I am reluctant to touch the cpu until all else has been tried. But the ram and video card have been taken out tried elsewhere and reseated.

  phono 16:59 02 Apr 2006

I think you have pretty well narrowed it down to the mobo and CPU then but it may also be an idea to check the actual PSU as well.

  howard63 17:02 02 Apr 2006

yes it looks that way but as the mobo fan spins and the one on top of the cpu which is fed from the mobo works it looks like the psu is ok.

  phono 17:23 02 Apr 2006

Not always the case, I know from personal experience, I spent hours one time trying to find out what was wrong with a PC that would not boot but all lights and fans etc were working, the last thing I tried, you guessed it, PSU, and it booted straight away.

  phono 17:28 02 Apr 2006

Just another thought, does the video card need a power connector and if so has it been connected properly? What is the wattage of the PSU in the system and is it of good quality?

  howard63 17:32 02 Apr 2006

brand new case with 450W psu - pci-e card does not have any power connectors and it works in my pc. I have just removed cpu fan and reseated it [I do not think it had moved] and am about to put the cooling gunk on it.

  phono 17:44 02 Apr 2006

It might be an idea to reseat the actual CPU as well, also you only need a thin layer of thermal compound, too much is nearly as bad as none.

  phono 17:48 02 Apr 2006

Is the PSU a good quality one? The amps rating of the various voltage rails is more important than so called wattage ratings which some manufacturers quote.

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