New PC. Data Location Problem

  Legslip 19:53 11 Mar 2013

Just had a new PC with Win 8 installed on a 120gb SSD (C). It also has a separate 1tb Hard drive (G).

I presume the best way to move forward is to install all new programmes on C and all personal data on G.

How do I set up Documents, Music, Pictures & Videos on G and then set that as the default location when I save. These folders are currently on C.

Why don't the bloomin PC manufacturers do this before delivery?

  rdave13 23:06 12 Mar 2013

From XP I've always ignored the 'My Docs' folders and always created my own. If the C drive goes belly up then there's no problem if I need to do a fresh install. Since Microsoft introduced the 'Libraries' it's even easier to 'see' and connect to the most important folders, on other drives, via the C drive.

  Legslip 00:03 13 Mar 2013

Evening Fruit Bat. Thanks as always for the response. We ARE then in unison. Perhaps I will point the supplier to this thread and seek a response. Wot U fink?

  rdave13 00:34 13 Mar 2013

Yes MS have made it ridiculously hard to move the relevant folders to another drive :0(

Why should 'MS' make it easy as the OS does what it should do? It's the operator's choice where to save or keep folders and files, surely?

The manufacturer sells a PC with a relatively small OS drive and a large data drive and I assume it is shown in the spec? If a buyer doesn't understand PCs then there are forums and friends who will help?

There might also be help files within the PC's program.

Legslip I humbly don't think the manufacturers will take any notice. I certainly wouldn't buy an expensive PC before I learnt something about them. In fact, when I started, I bought the cheapest, knackered it up, re-set and tried again.

  Batch 18:04 13 Mar 2013

If you thought MS are bad, maybe Google are even worse. The Google Chrome application is installed in the Users path making in near impossible to really separate data and software using the link that FruitBat has given.

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