New PC crashing - advice needed

  Beth 23:24 28 Dec 2005

My new PC arrived a week ago. I installed a game which I couldn't play on the old one because it couldn't cope with it. Every time, after a few minutes play, the PC powers down without warning. I switch it on right away and it boots up OK. Other than the game, it runs for hours without a problem.

The new machine is not connected to the internet so I know it's not a virus or spyware that's causing the problem.

The system information says that everything is running OK. The only thing I've found is in the log. Next to the yellow exclamation marks there's: \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation. What does that mean?

If I contact the suppliers will I just be told that it's a software problem or is there likely to be something faulty in the machine? As you can tell, I'm lost here and any help would be welcome.

  VoG II 23:26 28 Dec 2005

Which game?

  User-312386 23:28 28 Dec 2005

As VoG™ has said which game and can we have a few system specs as well please

  Jaro 23:29 28 Dec 2005

u have to give us name of the game u play and your comp specs.

  Jaro 13:17 29 Dec 2005

or u dont have to talk to us at all :)

  woodchip 13:23 29 Dec 2005

Well you cannot blame the comp if it works OK with other software, only thing is did you tell the seller what you wanted the Computer for and did he say it would be OK for games?????

  zarobian 14:59 29 Dec 2005

VOG and Jaro asked you a question. At least show the courtsy of a reply to these guys who just wanted to help you.

  citadel 18:33 29 Dec 2005

many games have bugs when they come out, check for patches that have come out to resolve these faults.

  Beth 23:01 30 Dec 2005

I posted a response to this yesterday and I've just discovered that it didn't appear. Sorry about that. I also apologise if anyone was upset the other day. I ddin't think to say that I would be logging off and would come back again when I could. For the record, I have always appreciated the people who give of their time and knowledge to help out with this forum.

The PC was advertised as suitable for gaming and I was assured it was by the salesman. The supplier always gets a good review in PCA and that's why I chose them. The game is Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon. Once I get the new PC on line I'll check for patches.

In the meantime I've found something in Disc Cleanup which may or may not have some bearing. There are some temporary internet files with a locked padlock symbol against them. The PC doesn't even have a modem installed yet. The files are - 0TMFOXIZ, 8D6BSXYF, 4HA38T13, 0XQBC16Z. There is also an Index DAT file. I don't know if these are XP set up files. I 'viewed' them and quite a few of the icons have the sloping 'S' symbol in them. I remember reading here, ages ago, not to open email attachments with that logo, so I'm not sure what's going on there. There's also 300+Mb of compressed old files. All I know about being installed are the OS, MSWorks (programme only - not used) and the game.

Any help or advice would be appreciated - plus!
Apologies again for any unintentional bad manners. I have to go again, but I'll check tomorrow.

  User-312386 11:25 31 Dec 2005

we still need the system specs to help you

Processor? RAM? HDD size? etc etc

  Beth 20:00 01 Jan 2006

Hello again
A good New Year to you and your special people.

OK Here's the spec:-

AMD Athlon 64 processor 4000+, 1.00GB RAM, 300Gb HD, Raedon x800 GTO, Raedon x800 GTO Secondary.

Is that all you need?

I've timed it, it crashes after 6 mins gameplay.

I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks again.

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