New PC Case Wiring problem

  kat64 20:17 20 Oct 2012

Hi, I have a new PC Case and i have checked where all the power cables plug into the Motherboard except the one, it is labelled AC'97. Can anyone please tell me what it is. I have looked all over the motherboard for a clue but cant seem to find anything. Regards

  northumbria61 20:27 20 Oct 2012

I think you will find that AC'97 is the connection for the headphone and mic jacks on the front of the case (there are two pin layouts ac'97 and hd audio). HDA is the hard drive activity light.

  Zak 20:28 20 Oct 2012
  northumbria61 20:28 20 Oct 2012
  rdave13 20:35 20 Oct 2012

You do not plug any cables from the PSU to your front audio connections. You shouldn't be able to anyway. As northumbria61 says they are for the front audio/mic connectors. Your new case has the pink and green jack sockets and cables? Don't know your motherboard so it can be a bit daunting to connect these front audio connectors if they come individually and not in a block connector.

  kat64 20:41 20 Oct 2012

Many thanks guys for your input. Thanks ZAK i realize now AC'97 means Audio Codec 97 and as i will be using a better quality sound card I probably don't need that connection anyway. Regards to all

  northumbria61 20:44 20 Oct 2012

This diagram should help you enter link description here There should be only ONE connection on your motherboard that it will fit.

  rdave13 20:52 20 Oct 2012

northumbria61 , problems arise when you need to connect this type to the mobo, click here and some have even more single connections.

  rdave13 20:59 20 Oct 2012

My old case has only single connectors to each pin for the front audio/mic. The above is for hdd but is similar or worse, to make head or tail of the connections for front audio. Good to know these come in a block connection now.

  [email protected] 22:28 20 Oct 2012

A lot of cases have 2 connectors for the Front Audio jacks - HD audio and AC97. You only plug one of these in to the motherboard / soundcard (preferably HD audio if your motherboard supports it, which any relatively modern one will).

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