new pc cannot open may sites

  howard60 21:13 03 Sep 2005

just built 2 identical pcs for twin brothers. One of them is perfect but the other one cannot open many sites such as hotmail or even pc advisor. It must be a setting but I havn't found it yet. XP 64 3000 with XP pro and sp2. Even listed sites in trusted etc., Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:19 03 Sep 2005

IE privicy and security settings? maybe set high in the faulty PC?

  howard60 21:22 03 Sep 2005

security set to medium low and cookies set to prompt

  howard60 17:30 04 Sep 2005

I am using ics with a 3 com hub could this be a problem with the host pc?

  howard60 20:43 04 Sep 2005

thanks Number 7 it was the MTU value.

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