New to PC building & need some advice

  sehana 19:36 10 Jul 2007

ok so i compiled a wishlist at newegg
[URL="click here"]click here for wishlist[/URL]

need it looked over to see if everything is compatible...

the graphics card i already have but its [URL="click here"]nvidia geforce 6800xt [/URL].

also installing [URL="click here"]5.1 soundcard [/URL]already have.

appreciate any info
thank you

  STREETWORK 21:11 10 Jul 2007

Bigger hard drive.

Where is the PSU? get a 500 to run this lot

Good luck

  sehana 21:21 10 Jul 2007

hard drive: ok

psu: comes with case and is a 500w

so is everything compatible?

thanks for the luck!

  uesquebeathus 16:03 11 Jul 2007

i have never found a case with a supplied power supply unit which was any good or reliable,
check out the prices at newegg
click here
and compare a good make of power supply
then add the case there is no spare money spent on the PSU
therefore i expect it to be rated at 500w and supplying about 300w over that it will either blow up or fry your components
Thermaltake, Antec, Coolmaster, Enermax, OCZ,

are all priced at more than your inclusive case/psu is

  sehana 21:08 11 Jul 2007

i have considered everyone's suggestions along with customer/product support from different sites and manufacturers.

so here are the results:
changed mobo, fans, firewire card, & HDD
added tool kit, static strap [whole house is carpetted], super multi burner

ordering from both sites.
click here

click here

items to transfer from current PC to Upgrade PC:
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT 256MB DDR3 PCIe16
click here

Sabrent 6-Channel 5.1 3D Surround Sound PCI Card
click here

Ultra / V-Series / 500-Watt / ATX / 120mm Fan / 20/24-Pin / SATA Ready / Power Supply
click here
[specs seems the same as one that comes with case] [which 1 would be better to use?]

this is a first time build, so nothing too extreme yet.
don't want to mess things up [a little nervous].

notes: upgrade GPU and sound later, as i'm content with these at the moment.

uses: Sims2, Empire Earth, Age of Empires/Mythology & the like. web pages, graphics [paint shop pro 11, logo, animation.]

!! please check compatibility !!
give a 1-10 [10=high] rating as to the functionality of what it's being used for.

any building tips would be greatly appreciated.

thank u to all who have responded and will give a reply back.

  Totally-braindead 15:16 12 Jul 2007

I presume you are in the US as your links are based in US prices.
The sound card you give a link to, complete waste of time its cheap and nasty and since you already have onboard sound just use that, its probably at least as good as that sound card you link to.
Regarding the power supply, I have never heard of it and theres 2 possible reason for that, either it is a brand name and is a quality unit and just doesn't sell in the UK OR its just another ordinary power supply manufacturer and as such is not as good as a branded one. I would buy a branded power supply of at least 500 watts and by branded I mean, Antec, Akasa, Hiper, ThermalTake, Tagan or Zalman. There are other brand names of course but these are the ones that come to mind.
Processor is fine but you might want to see if a slightly faster one is not just a couple of dollars more. Memory, never heard of A-Data and therefore wouldn't buy it. I always use Crucial memory now but there are other brands that are equally good such as Corsair, don't buy cheap memory its more trouble than its worth.
It will do all you ask of it, regarding upgrading the graphics later I have to point out that if you do intend doing this your old card would be worth very little therefore it might be an idea to see if you can get a slightly better one now but of course that entirely up to you.

  Totally-braindead 15:25 12 Jul 2007

Oh and do please make sure you get the correct memory for your motherboard, thats another reason I use Crucial, they guarantee that their memory will work with your motherboard, heres what it says about the board you've picked click here it does appear the memory you give a link to is compatible but it doesn't give enough detail for me to be 100% certain.

  sehana 19:33 12 Jul 2007

Thanks for the input. will look into more when i get the practice to build my 'super' computer.

although the reviews didn't seem to bad on this a-data ram. click here

got any building tips?

  skidzy 19:58 12 Jul 2007

" got any building tips? "

Yes...follow the mobo manual to the letter ! one wire connected wrong...and BANG !! your mobo could be fried.

And treat yourself to an anti-static wrist band.
Do not build the pc on the carpet.

And most of not connect to the mains untill the build is complete.

Check and double check everything !!

Best of luck.

  sehana 20:05 12 Jul 2007

!Definitely got the static strap!

comes with the seagate bundle also with pc toolkit.

being that the only place in the house not carpetted is the kitchen.

ah thanks for the luck... need all the luck i can get. i've upgraded a PC, not from scratch tho'... so i'm a little nervous.

  skidzy 14:13 13 Jul 2007

sehana when i say do not build the pc on the could always lay something down: ie piece of card/ply/anything basically to reduce the chance of static.

Let us know how you get on,any problems post back here or start a new thread with the mobo make/model.

Happy building,the satisfication from building your own is enormous.

Good luck.

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