New PC Building advice - sound connection

  Bacon & Eggs 21:42 14 Jan 2004

Hi guys.. not dropped in here for a while but hoping you can help me?!

I'm in the middle of building a PC for my Mum (well, what else to do for a Christmas present?) and everything is going well... everything's in without breaking it (I hope) but I have a small problem. It's the first one I've built and i'm aware that to get sound from a CD drive you have to connect the little thin wire with the four-pin connector to whatever it is that will process the sound (in this case, the motherboard).

However, the motherboard only appears to have one socket/jumper/hoojit to attach such a plug to, and I have two drives to plug in, a CD-Rw and a DVD. (I would have gone combo but trying to track down a black combo drive wasn't worth the hassle.) There's obviously something I don't know here but how do you plug two plugs into one socket?

All help appreciated. FYI, the mobo is an MSI 6734 aka KM4M-L... can't see how the other specs involved will be of interest.


  critic-al 22:06 14 Jan 2004

there should be according to the mobo manual 2 on board audio connections "cd1" and above that

  PurplePenny 22:13 14 Jan 2004

Oh .... you should have come and posted here. I'm just building a Shuttle cube for Kev and as it is an alu case I went for a black combo drive. Overclockers and Ebuyer both sell them (black floppy too).

Good luck with the connections.

  Bacon & Eggs 22:24 14 Jan 2004

critic-al: Not sure what manual you're looking at but I don't know where the 'cd1' and 'aux1' connectors are (ie, i've looked and can't see them). The socket I've found is labelled 'JCD1' and it's down by the bottom PCI slot (other end of the box to the CD drives, which seems a bit daft...but it's the right one...)

PurplePenny: Actually, I got the whole kit from ebuyer (with the exception of the RAM, direct from Crucial). And they did have a black combo drive while I was researching and so on, but it was back to their 99-day "you'll be lucky" lead time when I finally got Mum to the ordering stage. So it's a black DVD and a black CDrw for about £8 more than the combo.

While I remember... people may be interested to know that "retail boxed" Aopen CDRw drives don't come with IDE cables... which is a tad annoying...

  DieSse 22:24 14 Jan 2004

On modern drives and systems you don't require this cable. The drives will feed sound quite happily to the motherboard in a digital form, over the IDE connection, and the sound will be picked up from there.

I haven't used these cables in new systems for a couple of years now (and I can assure you they do all play audio CDs.)

  Bacon & Eggs 22:34 14 Jan 2004

To be honest I wondered about that but seeing as the cable was supplied I presumed in my innocence that it was supposed to be used...

That's great though. Now all I have to do is find an IDE cable in my lunch break tomorrow ...

Ta muchly!

  hugh-265156 22:40 14 Jan 2004

agree with DieSse the sound will be passed over the ide cables for all drives to the sound card providing your drive supports it(all do nowdays) you have ticked"enable cd digital audio for this cdrom device" box in your my computer/ right click drive/properties menu.

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