New PC build probelms - please help 18:38 11 Sep 2004

Hi everyone.

I just put togther my first PC to find that it boots but nothing appears on the screen. The monitor seems to stay in standby mode.
Also, the machine appears not to post.

AMD Athlon XP 3200
ASRock K7S41 motherboard
256Mb PC 3200 Crucial memory
20GB Quantum Fireball HD
DVD Player.

Someone please help.

Many Thanks

  keith-236785 18:49 11 Sep 2004

i dont have the same board, i have a ASROCK K7S8X, are there any dip switches/jumpers that need setting on the motherboard to enable 400mhz FSB, also check that the clear cmos jumper is not set to clear.

could you try the motherboard at 333mhz instead to check if it works at that.

unlikely with crucial memory but sometimes the memory can be unhappy at 400 FSB

take a good look at the manual and double check any jumper settings.

if the mobo doesnt appear to post (no beeps etc.) check the light on the mobo is on as that rules out power problems.

are you sure you have connected all the case connectors properly, if in doubt remove all except "pwr sw" and try again

good luck 19:25 11 Sep 2004

thanks for you reply.

I have done all that you say.

Tried the FSB at 333MHz, still the same.

Checked the jumper settings, by the way what are 'FID Jumpers'?

I disconected everything except 'pwr sw', but it's still the same.

Any other ideas?

Many Thanks,


  cga 19:30 11 Sep 2004

Can I ask a silly question - does your monitor have Dual input and, if so, are you set to the correct one? Sometimes the obvious things get missed ... 19:33 11 Sep 2004

I don't think it has dual input, i dont actually know what it is though.

I've tested that the monitor is not broken by plugging it into my laptop.



  cga 19:39 11 Sep 2004

OK - then ignore my question.

  ayrmail 19:53 11 Sep 2004

Onboard graphics or card, if card is it seated correctly sometimes cases are not square and as you tighten the screw it will unseat the card, if its onboard are there any jummper that need to be set for it to work? 20:00 11 Sep 2004

It's onbard graphics.

I've looked in the manual and can't find anywhere where it says about jumpers for onboard graphics.

My hard drive is quite old (4 years), so it is ATA66. Is this compatible with my new board? If not, then could this be what is causing the problem?

Many Thanks


  Gongoozler 20:10 11 Sep 2004

Hi Before you get anything on the screen, your motherboard needs to complete POST and give a short beep to confirm that it thinks your hardware is working. If you don't get this POST beep, you need to resolve that before trying to get a picture. Disconnect your hard drive, and any other drives. You should still complete POST and get the BIOS boot screens, ending with a message telling you that no operating system has been found. 20:24 11 Sep 2004

The motherboard is not completing post (no beep).

Where do I go from here?



  Gongoozler 20:32 11 Sep 2004

Hi James. Disconnect EVERYTHING from the motherboard except the processor with its heatsink, power supply, power switch and case speaker. The motherboard should now boot up and give a POST error beep because it has no memory. If that works, then start building the system up from there. If it doesn't POST, then remove tha motherboard from the case and place it on a sheet of card or other insulating material. If it still doesn't work then the problem is with one of the few remaining components, and only substitution will really decide which.

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