New PC build no go

  lozparry 22:40 17 Dec 2004

I have built a computer with the following spec all new parts: -
AMD sempron 2500, 80 gb hdd, 512 mb, PC chips mobo, 128mb fx graphics.
Yesterday when I first powered up it started up it booted up into POST and allowed me to get to the BIOS (just) before it cut out. I did notice that it said the CMOS battery was low. I tried starting but it would not do anything for about 3 mins. It started again and the same happened. I suspected a thermal cutout on the CPU so checked the heatsink and fan it was working plus PSU’s fan working. I removed the heatsink and suspected the thermal pad between the cpu and heatsink. Today I removed the pad and applied thermal grease instead but this time on starting PC starts, no beeps, keyboard flashes once, mouse lights up, floppy light on, DVD rom lights up but nothing to monitor. The fans do not cut-out they are both working. I have cleared the CMOS, no change I suspect the PSU or would the CMOS battery maybe cause this it dead.
Please any suggestions.

  agarm11 01:13 18 Dec 2004

If the battery is on its way out, it just wouldnt retain info such as date/time, but should still boot.
To try and narrow it down a bit, disconnect everything none essential, such as cd drives etc, leaving just mobo, ram, gfx card, hdd, fdd etc.
I noticed that you said fdd light came on (permanently? if so then the ribbon cable is probably on the wrong way round.)
It does sound like as you suspect, overheating or psu. But just to be on the safe side, remove and reseat everything, cpu, ram, gfx card etc. From personal experience I know that ram if its not perfectly seated can have you banging your head on the desk for hours, until you discover the ram wasn't quite seated properly.

  lozparry 09:20 18 Dec 2004

I've hopefully try everything said today. Will keep informed.

  spanneress 09:40 18 Dec 2004

Is it a SATA or IDE hard drive?

  lozparry 09:44 18 Dec 2004


  spanneress 09:46 18 Dec 2004

Whcih BIOS version are you running?

  spanneress 09:47 18 Dec 2004

Sorry - to expand, I have found that no beeps generally indicates no power - have you tried using a different PSU? I always build wiht the mbob on a tea-towel or whatever out of the case for problems such as this..makes changing the components so much easier. Do you have a spare?

  lozparry 09:54 18 Dec 2004

no spares I'm afraid, but my main PC has a athlon 2500xp. I'd be a bit wary though swapping that. BIOS is AMI

  spanneress 10:00 18 Dec 2004

DOes the light on the mobo come on? (does it then go off again?) It is a process of elimination. If you can bear it, wip the PSU (ower supply unit not CPU (processor) as you may have mistakenly thought)out of your main PC and connect it to the new build and see if that works. If it doesn't you have eliminated the most obvious cause. No beeps generally does mean a power problem. Double check any cards you have are seated correctly back once you have tried a different power supply.
Oh - and have you screwee the mobo on the new build into the case by any chance? If so, loosen the screws slightly.

  lozparry 10:19 18 Dec 2004

Thanks, sorry i didnt read your thread properly CPU/PSU. Anyway you say no power but I have power to drives, cpu fan etc. One thing I have noticed is the case wiring differs to mobos in wording? Anyway, I'm waiting for the wife to go shopping and out of the way and so not get disturbed. Way out.

  Gongoozler 10:21 18 Dec 2004

I agree with the suggestions spanneress gave, but I would take the disassembly further. Leave only the motherboard, processor with heatsink, power supply, power switch and case speaker connected. Unscrew the motherboard from the case and place a sheet of card or other insulating material under it. You then have the absolute minimum setup. Switching on should now give a POST error beep because of no memory or graphics card.

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