new pc build.

  mt50 00:30 26 May 2003

hi, i'm about to bulid a new pc and have put together this lot-click here

what do you thik is it good value for money? can the components be gotten for cheaper? will games be ok on it for a few months? would you add anything else to it?
my budget for now is £350 with no sofware or monitor, keyboard and mouse as i allready have these.

  mt50 12:01 26 May 2003


  Eagie 12:07 26 May 2003

Can't comment as clicking on your link doesn't bring up your list. Your shopping cart with EBuyer can only be accessed using your login details.

Copy and paste the details onto here and I am sure people will give you the benefit of their wisdom.

  Smiler 12:15 26 May 2003

We would like to help but as eagie says without a list of items its a bit difficult.

  mt50 12:21 26 May 2003

AMD Athlon XP2200+ Boxed Inc Heatsink & Fan with 3year Warranty
1 x MSI KT4V-L SKT A Sound/lan/USB2.0 AGP 8X Motherboard
1 x MSI MX440-TD8X Lite AGP8X/64MB/TV Out/DVI-I/ Retail Box Videocard
1 x Sony 16x40 IDE Internal DVD Drive - OEM
1 x Liteon 52x24x52 IDE Internal CD-RW Drive - Retail Box
2 x High Quality Round IDE Cable ATA133 60cm in Blue
1 x High Quality Round floppy Cable 60cm in Yellow
1 x JNC 4JA 122(a) Red ATX Midi Tower Case 300w Psu
1 x Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8 30Gb UDMA 7200rpm Disk Drive - OEM
1 x PC2700 512MB 333MHz DDR DIMM

so then what do you think?

  Eagie 12:48 26 May 2003

All seems ok to me.

One question though, do you need to have a seperate DVD drive and CDRW - you could always go with with a combo drive (though I stand to be corrected if this means a compromise in speed/performance).

Can anyone else (more experienced in these matters)give their opinions?

  The Transporter 13:03 26 May 2003

All seems ok.


Get a more powerful Power unit. 300 watts is not enough, go for at least 400 watts.

click here

a 450 watt power unit
click here

and also a bigger Hard drive 60 Gb is a good size.

and do get a seperate dvd and cd-rw. Makes life easier if one goes wrong.

  -pops- 13:16 26 May 2003

I agree with The Transporter in the main except for one thing. I would suggest TWO hard drives of about 40 gig. This would avoid the "all eggs in one basket" effect as you can use the second drive for your backup and data storage.

Like The Transporter, I don't like these combo drives. They are always a compromise and as well as losing both drives if one goes wrong, they tend to be less reliable anyway. I have several die on me in the past.


  Mysticnas 13:17 26 May 2003

it's best to have seperate. The reason for this is mainly if you wish to copy from one CD to another it's quicker to place the source CD in the DVD drive.

I'm not too sure about this, but i think when you get combo drives the speeds on burning etc are slower.

  duplo 14:35 26 May 2003

Seems fine to me- 30GB is small, but you can always add another one latter if when you need it, or have some spare dosh.

As for the PSU, if you go to the modded case section there is a nice case with a 350PSU (V770 Modding Case Silver/Green ATX 350W With Built in Side Window) for £30.

My machine has a 300 watt PSU with a similar spec to yours- runs just fine. 350 should suffice- you can always get one with more should you need more power. Queit PC do quiter ones but cost a fair amount when compared to normal ones!

  Aspman 14:55 26 May 2003

A lot of the cases on Ebuyer look a bit cheap just on viewing.
Don't know which you have ordered but just in general the power supply is not a good thing to try to save money on. If it goes it can take a lot with it.

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