New PC Blue Screened

  edenworkshops 11:48 22 Feb 2010


My month old PC running win xp, froze once or twice and then I got a blue screen saying that the PC had been shut down to avoid damage to the system. (something like that.)

I rebooted and each time withing a few minutes I got the same blue screen again.

I am running win xp so I did a system restore and touch wood 1 hour later the PC is running fine with no obvious problems.

I did a virus scan and a malware scan which proved clean.

Being new to xp and never having used system restore before, I wonder if I can relax and assume everything is ok?

I guess if it were a hardware problem I will get the blue screen again, but if not do I assume it was a software glich that has been cured by the system restore?

Thank you.


  ardubbleyu 11:53 22 Feb 2010

You say it's only a month old, but check your cpu cooling.

  northumbria61 11:58 22 Feb 2010

click here

Article to read to give you an insight into the BSOD
(Blue Screen of Death) as it is referred to. Basically your computer is telling you that it didn't like something. Did you install something prior to this happening?

  northumbria61 11:59 22 Feb 2010

WHY do Blue Screens happen?
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  edenworkshops 12:11 22 Feb 2010

Thank you for your responses.

The PC is still running ok 90 minutes after doing the system restore.

Nothing was installed prior to the BSOD appearing.

Can I assume that the system restore has cured whatever it was?

Thank you for the links to explanations of the BSOD.
It seems there are any number of reasons for it.


  northumbria61 14:05 22 Feb 2010

As I said before "Basically your computer is telling you that it didn't like something that occurred" and shuts down to prevent "damage". It is not always easy to establish the cause.
System Restore has no doubt done it for you and you may NEVER see the BSOD again !

  edenworkshops 14:12 22 Feb 2010

Thank you for your help and advice.

Problem solved by a syatem restore.


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