New PC back up CD's

  peterleemaxwell 22:42 29 Nov 2011

I suppose this must have been encountered before. I have just purchased a PC tower with no back up cd's. Although I have not plugged it in yet it is with a Windows 7 64 bit O.S. Any help appreciated.

  northumbria61 22:49 29 Nov 2011

You can create a System Repair Disc (which can be used to boot your computer) by going to Control Panel - Backup & Restore - Create a System Repair Disc.

Other options of System Recovery for Windows 7 are here enter link description here

  peterleemaxwell 23:02 29 Nov 2011

Thanks northumbria61. Appreciated. Best Wishes

  northumbria61 23:12 29 Nov 2011

Personally - I have never seen the need to create a System Repair Disc as you can boot from the Win 7 install disc with a Repair Option - the choice is yours.

  robin_x 23:23 29 Nov 2011

The Repair CD really only fixes boot problems, allow an Image Recovery, and your manufacturer may have added an option to launch Factory Recovery 'FROM the HDD'.

You should also be able to make a set of Factory Recovery DVDs. It's different for every manufacturer.

Which make and model do you have?

eg with my Compaq CQ61 Presario laptop, I can go into HP Recovery Manager (start search Recovery and the shortcut pops up)

It also has the option in the Manager for Recovery Disc Creation (set of 3 x DVDs + the Repair Disc CD/DVD again to boot from)

x-x-x But since Factory Recovery is never convenient, it is better to make a System image AS WELL.

It's in the W7 Backup and Restore Center.

Again (on a clean empty system) you can make another set of DVDs. Or it works to an external HDD (or 2nd HDD on a Tower) This is most convenient when you have transferred all your stuff to the new computer and filled it up a bit.

It's better to keep the clean Image, and make further Images every week or whatever. Start deleting old HDD images when you start running out of space. They do get quite large (many GBs)

-x-x-x- Easeus Todo is a good 3rd party app that does the same and is better than W7 Imaging.

It allows Image validation and mounting (to retrieve individual files&folders) and it makes incremental backups too) W7 don't do that.

  robin_x 23:25 29 Nov 2011

W7 Install DVDs are often not provided these days.

You have to make everything yourself.

  northumbria61 23:25 29 Nov 2011

Sorry - disregard my last post - it is getting late. Your PC OS is pre-installed.

  robin_x 23:34 29 Nov 2011

It is late.

To clarify my post.

After making Factory recovery DVDs, there would be no point in immediately making a System Image.

Install AV, another browser if you don't use IE. Set your wallpaper/screensaver and other Windows settings.

Just not too much if you are going to Image to DVD. (you don't want a set of 10!)

Imaging to HDD, you could stick a few more bits and bobs on. But nothing flaky likely to make your computer unstable.

The idea is to be able to restore to a working, virus free setup in the event of future problems.

  lotvic 02:40 30 Nov 2011

And on top of all that you can download and burn the MS official W7 DVD. ClickHere and download the .iso for W7 Service Pack 1 Media Refresh (SP1 U) scroll down to the English(USA) Version.

  Strawballs 03:56 30 Nov 2011

Most systems nowadays will prompt you to make system recovery disc's the first time you switch on.

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