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  martin wilson 20:38 15 Sep 2007

well ive given up ,my old pc (333 megahertz Intel Pentium II !!!!, 320 Megabytes Installed Memory,3D RAGE PRO AGP 2X ,and a whopping 4 gig hard drive)
so im looking at this custom build

os xp pro
Dual Core AMD (AMD Dual Core X2 6000 AM2 64
AM2 - MSI K9VGM-V 2XDIMM / DDR2 800 mother board
512Mb Nvidia 7600GS graphics card DX9
2Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800
300GB SATA Hard Drive
550Watt psu
Integrated Sound
DVD+/- RW - 18X Samsung Lightscribe

complete with 19 " tft monitor
mouse+keyboard for around £500

now is the graphics card ok? or should i get a cheaper or better one?
will the psu be ok?
will it need extra case fans

im not a hardcore gamer delta force 2 is about my limit!!!!

  Terry Brown 20:46 15 Sep 2007

The PSU is more than adequate, although you may need a larger fan(or possibly a water cooled system) on the CPU for maximum efficiently. As for the graphics card, unless you intent to use it for high speed graphic gaming, it should be perfectly OK.

  fishface113 20:54 15 Sep 2007

The graphics depends on what you will be doing! The card is fine for most day to day tasks, just dont expect the latest games to be played to their full potential.
The power supply should be fine, but just remember 550 watt quoted output may be its max burst rather than its true power output. You get what you pay for with power supplies, and they are often the cause of problems. Make sure you do get a good quality one and that the power output is its actual sustainable output rather than max output.
As for case fans, I tend to put two in these days, 120mm ultra quiet ones, one at the front and one at the back. This I find gives adequate flow for average systems.

  Why wont it work 20:55 15 Sep 2007

For £500 I don't think you could do much better in terms of hardware. The X2 6000+ is up there with the mid-high level Core 2 Duos. If you're not playing games the 7600gs should suffice. If you feel the urge to spend more a 7600GT or 8600 series would have a bit more 000mph.

In terms of software, I would suggest Vista though, despite the bad press it's really very good and is 'the way forward', as it were.

  Mr Beeline 21:03 15 Sep 2007

What case are you thinking of? The Akasa AK-ZEN-01-BK is a nice budget case (see click here ).
Very well thought out case, 2 120mm fans already fitted. I built a back up PC recently using this case.

Also... what brand of PSU? Make sure you go for a decent brand name (EG. Tagan, Antec, Corsair etc.). Worth the extra money and it's not always a component that people give enough thought to.

The hard drive is not really that big in todays terms. I'd consider a 400/500 GB and maybe partition it into two. Gives you a bit more flexibility (IE. install the O/S on one partition and store your applications and data on the other).

As the GT version of the 7600 is only around another tenner, I would consider upgrading to that. Though obviously the sky's the limit when it comes to graphics cards (depends very much on what you do with your system). And if you wanted to spend just a little more, the ATI 1950 pro is looking VERY good value at the moment (EG. click here ).

Any particular reason for the AMD CPU? Not like they are a bad thing, I have an Opteron 180 myself. It's just that you are not really giving yourself any upgrade room with what you've chosen! Something like one of the Intel Core 2 chips (E. click here ) would cost around the same, but give you a fair bit of room to upgrade in the future. Even if you don't think you will want to, at least the options there.

So many options....

Good luck.

  martin wilson 21:14 15 Sep 2007

thanks all
im thinking of getting it from here
click here
and just picked the top end of availiable cpu(amd being cheaper than intel)
of course a cheaper intel giving same/better performance is an option but i've no idea which one, as for graphics card i went mid price/performance from a long list availiable .
trouble is every time i look change my mind the price is creeping up. £550 is my max spend(i started a 450 and now i'm £50+ over that!)

  martin wilson 21:18 15 Sep 2007

and i forgot to mention i already own xp pro and for a mere 23 quid they'll put it on for me(lazy is my middle name)

  Why wont it work 21:31 15 Sep 2007

Well Intel Core 2 Duos that would soundly beat a AMD 6000+ are (*takes deep breath*) the E6600, E6700, E6750, E6850, X6800, Q6600, Q6700, QX6700, QX6800 and QX6850. A E6550 would probably give it a good run for its money too.

If you can find a cheaper sytem with one of the above processors I would say that it would be a good choice.

  [email protected] 21:41 15 Sep 2007

there are many many different set ups, for what you want that will be more than enough, excellant value. and i only seem to hear more and more good things about cougar.

  Peachy boy 22:46 15 Sep 2007

I have an e6550 and i find it to be very good, use the cpu and gpu charts to see if the results are about what you want click here

  martin wilson 00:40 16 Sep 2007

yep the 7600gt beats the gs hands down (but i couldn't find a 512gs on toms hardware to compare with 256gt) prob get that gt tho.
the e6550 on the cpu comparison is practically the same as the amd on toms hardware comparer, so it wins on price.

300 gb is prob enough . i can always add another or an external one later.
now total system price is £527

hmmm wireless card prob add that as well(could use my old one but don't think i want to put my grubby mits in a new one unnecessarily)

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