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  Madrat 13:22 11 Apr 2007

Thinking of getting a new pc, but what should I go for.

AMD 754,939,AM2 or INTEL LGA

Sempron, athlon 64 or Dual

Celeron D P4 or Dual

It seams the intel dords can use any of the intel CPU. And Athlon AM2 seams to have the best variaty of CPU. But Im stuck in the good old socket A times. I'm not a gamer so dont really need performance for that but I do like to multi task on PC. Any advice please.

  Kate B 13:41 11 Apr 2007

Are you going for a new processor on an existing motherboard or a new PC - I'm not clear from your post? If the latter, go for the Intel Core 2 Duo processors. They're the best around and wipe the floor with AMD's current line.

  donki 14:03 11 Apr 2007

Yup, im usually an AMD man but the new Intel dual core seemto be the dogs thingy mabobers. Although the AMD will still perform well on any games/ programs your wanting to run. I have the 4200+ dual core and it runs XP like a dream, prices on the 6000+ are excellant at the minute. But all in all the Intel chips are better.

  Madrat 14:13 11 Apr 2007

Kate I'm probably going to go for new mother board and new CPU. Looking at the specs of both AMD and INTEL it seams AMD run faster, and it seams the AM2 socket is the most versatile but then the INTEL socket seams to take any 775 CPU. so still not sure.

  citadel 16:10 11 Apr 2007

core 2 duo or quad is the best you can get at present until amd catch up and release their new stuff.

  Element Tech 16:16 11 Apr 2007

Hi there,

If your looking for pure performance go for core 2 or quad core for sure.

AMD currently have nothing to offer in terms of performance. Even a lowly E6300 will beat an AMD 4800X2 at most tasks.

If however you are on a budget, it may be worth considering the X2 range. You can currenty get an entry level 3800X2 on our site for just over £50 GBP. (no advertising intended! just stating a fact)These can be easily overclocked to 4200X2 speeds using the reference heatsink. Plus AMD motherboards are a bit cheaper to.

If you have the cash available go for core 2 with an ASUS P5B-E Plus motherboard and you will never look back!


Element Tech

  Kate B 17:36 11 Apr 2007

Go for the Intel - no question. And I was confused because your post is entitled "new pc". Which led me to believe you were thinking about getting a new PC ... ;-)

  Totally-braindead 17:40 11 Apr 2007

I've always been an AMD fan and if I was to carry on then it would have to be AM2 as 939 sockets have reached the end of their life.
But if I was picking a new PC then I would probably go for an Intel core 2.

  skidzy 17:49 11 Apr 2007

Never had AMD but bought an E6300 system recently and got to say im very impressed.

  Blitzer 18:29 11 Apr 2007

I'm currently in the process of choosing hardware for a major upgrade and like others here I'm also a fan of AMD. However, any research I have done points towards the Intel Core Duo Processors as being the best value for money with regards to performance. Needless to say that if I go ahead with my upgrade anytime soon, that the Intel path is the one I'll be taking.

Even if you are not a gamer I now personally believe that over-clocking should still be considered. With suitable air-flow and cooling it is a safe practise and IMO if you don't push a processor to extremes there's no reason why it should last until it's time to think about upgrading again.

  White_Elephant 18:54 11 Apr 2007

If you are moving from an AMD build to an intel core duo, beware the stock retail heatsink and fan.

I dont think theres anything wrong with it performance-wise (if it could get mine to work - other issues involved), but the mounting of it on the mobo is a pain that cannot be described.

I have managed it but looking back I would purchase the oem processor and but a seperate heatsink and fan that was compatible.

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