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  pro driver 17:21 07 Sep 2005

Good evening everyone. A relation of mine wishes to purchase a new PC so as a challenge we have decided to go down the build ourselves road. The thing is we are undecided on the hardware to use we have said it needs to be a pentium of at least 3.0 gig, 512 memory and at least 128 meg graphics oh and also a decent mobo. He wishes to use the PC for the usual things like video editing from camcorder and digital photography. Please could someone advise us on what hardware is best to buy we have a budget of around £650 without the display. All feedback is welcome. Regards.

  Mr Beeline 17:34 07 Sep 2005

Hi there

Komplett do a number of kits that give you the matching basics for a build it yourself PC. You can then add round that all the other bits (see click here ). This way you will know that everything is compatible. Also not too bad a firm to purchase from (well I've never had any problems).

Good luck...

  Mr Beeline 17:40 07 Sep 2005

They also have their own guide to building your own PC and a self help forum.

Though I would suggest an AMD processor would be a better / cheaper option.

  pj123 17:53 07 Sep 2005

Why build your own. Check out click here and the Athlon 64-3400 at £649 looks good to me.

  woodchip 18:10 07 Sep 2005

This would make a good start for a self build

click here

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