New parts for PC to buy for gaming.

  Siqural 11:30 17 Oct 2018

Hello, so today I decided to buy new parts for my PC, which are "ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX OC GAMING", "ASUS PG248Q 144HZ, 25 Zoll, G-Sync", "be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER11 CM 650 W"

So there comes my question, are these parts good enough and will they work well with my PC aswell?

I've Motherboard "MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon", Processor "AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core" 3.20 GHz, 16 GB Ram (2x8GB). But I want something "Stronger" that's why I am trying to change 3 parts from them. My goal here is obviously gaming, I want my PC to be quiet and bring as much as it can FPS. I am playing games like Fortnite, CS, Rainbow Six Siege and so on.

My budget is around 1000 Euro.

Thank you for answers.

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