new p4 system, which motherboard

  raymondouk 17:32 24 Nov 2003


I currently have a p3 system (sluggish) and i am thinking of buying the following components to get a super fast system!.

pentium 4 2.6 @ 800fsb
dual kingston ddr hyper x 3200 (2 x 256mb)
wd raptor sata hd 10000rpm etc
motherboard abit IS7 - E springdale

the motherboard seems very cheap, is this motherboard with the other quality parts going to be ok? or can anybody suggest a 'not-too-expensive' canterwood (£90-£120ish) that would be better?

also will this system increase my gaming experience (i currently have a geforce4 ti4200 64mb graphics card) i read somewhere that raptor brings load times for games right down ?

any advice most welcome

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