A New OS For Old Computer

  The Brown Rock 23:44 21 Oct 2007

My daughter is getting her 2year old computer to take home when her company relocates to India next month. The computer has 512Mb Memory and 70 GB HDD. The hard drive is to be wiped clean to include the XP OS. I'm wondering if it is worth taking home with her as she will have to purchase a new OS for the system and it would appear(from my reading PCA) that it will not support Windows Vista. There are a number of employees in the same dilemma. They are advised by the IT man to purchase Windows XP but they find on making inquiries that it is still quite expensive.
Having so much good advice from the forum in the past I wonder what you make of this?

  [email protected] 23:50 21 Oct 2007

it wont run vista well stick with xp click here

  [email protected] 23:52 21 Oct 2007
  beeuuem 03:44 22 Oct 2007

Windows XP Home OEM Service Pack 2 £52- 22 with 5 day delivery option click here.

  umbongo(uk) 04:15 22 Oct 2007

just to pick up on admans post

you can download umbuntu and burn it to a disc.
You can then use the disc to run the operating system without installing it on the computer,this is to see wether you like it before installing on the hard drive,,note it will run a bit slower from the disc,,

you can even try it on your system so you can have a look at it. it wont knock windows off and will run from the dvd drive

  skidzy 06:45 22 Oct 2007

Or she could try PCLinuxos2007,again its free and can be run from the live cd or installed to the harddrive.
Using Linux will be a new learning curve click here

  smokingbeagle 07:31 22 Oct 2007

If the PC has a licence sticker attached, with the product code she could re-instal XP without having to buy a new copy.

  [DELETED] 07:50 22 Oct 2007

I would suggest putting Linux on it, it's free (unless you want to donate $20 for the work the developers put into it) like skidzy I use PCLinuxOS. I have tried Ubuntu Linux but prefer PCLiunxOS.

  Graham. 08:39 22 Oct 2007

Any sticker on the PC is likely to be 'Company' licence, which will probably be cancelled.

  ventanas 09:10 22 Oct 2007

Lets get one thing clear here. You cannot buy Windows OEM, despite what some misinformed people here might think. It is for system builders only, and then there are very strict rules. The site in the link given bu beeuuem does mention this.

I would be tempted to ask the company just what they are doing with the XP CD's supplied with these computers, because its almost certain that they will be OEM, and therefore tied to the computer your daughter is being given. If this is the case then to pass on these computers without the XP CD's and any other software supplied with them, is illegal.

  The Brown Rock 00:31 23 Oct 2007

Just to say thanks to everyone and to remark that it would seem its not as simple as purchasing `Windows XP and installing it as pointed out by `ventanas` I also take the point you make about the XP CD's that came with the computers. I would think that the employees requested the cmputers in addition to their redundancy terms rather than have them go in the skip and are hardly in any position to bargain on the matter - perhaps they could ask about the CD's all the same; failing that its PCLinux perhaps?
Thanks again,
The Brown Rock

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