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i've never had the connection to do i do.

can anyone advise me of where is a good place to start. i want to play games such as medal of honour allied assault or Jedi Knight Jedi Academy etc. i want some good reliable fast servers but also want it for free!! can anyone get me started please!!


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try game spy arcade

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There are literally thousand of servers where you can play games, all over the world. If you're simply looking for a quick game, then programmes like 'All Seeing Eye' (ASE) will scan the internet looking for them. You can filter the search for games, maps, location, ping, etc and then just click to join. It's free, but to enable ' certain features like the 'buddy tracker' you need to register, this will involve a small fee - worth it in my opinion.

If you want to become part of a community too, then I suggest looking at click here They provide servers (for free) and fora for chatting with like-minded people. You can pay a couple of £ a month to become a member, which gives you 'credits' allowing you to run your own games.

You will find me on the Blueyonder (BY) servers, usually playing 'Day of Defeat', where I Admin under the name of 'Lead Affinity'.

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You should be able to install gamespy arcade from Medal Of Honour Allied Assault and then just use that to find your game type. When you are in Gamespy you can ask it to run a program scan on your PC and it will add any other games you have installed thus allowing you to connect to their servers also. You have in this program a buddy list also, so you can add friends and if they are playing a game it makes it easier to find them.

you can use Gamespy completely free, the only downside is that if you don't subscribe then it becomes a bit slower and sometimes is affected by pop ups. All in all I am happy with it though.

A few friends use The All Seeing Eye, which is a similar program to gamespy. Should turn up in a google search.

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what does 'ping' mean on online gaming?? is it better to have this number low or high?

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Your ping is the time it takes to send and receive a signal back again. its measured in ms and a good connection to a server should have a ping of around 30 - 60. If you were on a 56k the ping would be around 350-400. So the lower the better.

to demonstrate this you can open a cmd window and type "ping www" and it'll show you your ping to this site.

  IClaudio 16:47 26 Sep 2003

Can you explain this? I've tried that command before, and I'm not sure how to interpret the figures. e.g., I've just tried it now, and it tells me that the minimum 'round trip' to PCAdvisor is 30ms, and the maximum, 1225ms, with the average 428ms. That doesn't sound right? 30 I can agree with...

And phil930... be prepared for a lot of frustration (unless you're a wunderkid!) - many people will have had several years experience and there are a lot of 'cheaters' out there who use all kinds of naughty programs to get the upper hand, tho' why they bother I don't know. The secret is practise practise and then practise.

Good luck!

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I would always go with the average ping personally, but have to admit I am not entirely sure. May depend on the server you are pinging. Another fun command is to type "tracert www" it shows the route it takes from you to it.

Phil930, I would agree with IClaudio on the practice thing. If you are going to be playing in Medal Of Honour then try downloading and installing this anticheat software that was only recently released. click here

This will run in the background and means you can join Moh servers that are running DMW2. It makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable and you can play happy in the knowledge that cheaters are kept away. As for good players, well I have been playing for over a year and there will always be players out there better than you, but it works both ways too. Start in Free for alls to get used to the game and then go onto Team Death matches before tackling Objective servers, as they are the most challenging.

I play under the tag |SFUK|A|Sureshot so keep a look out, I may well be hunting you! :)

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