New and old Ram problems

  badger7 13:37 28 Nov 2004

I recently bought a 128Mb DIMM to double the memory on my pc which runs on Windows 98. The new RAM turned out to be the wrong parity, so I'm the process of exchanging it. The problem is that I had to remove the original RAM module to check the parity but when I replaced it in the original slot, the pc wouldn't boot up at all. I checked all the connections, and now when I switch on the internal speaker gives a constant beeping noise and I get as far as the Win98 start-up screen before it shuts itself down again. Can anyone help?

  Dorsai 14:03 28 Nov 2004

Possibly Static damaged the old ram.

Also did you remember to turn off the mains and wait a few minutes for the capacirots in the PSU to discharge before you took the ram out?

Another idea, could you have accidently dislodged the power cable for the CPU fan?

OR perhaps have a cable jamming the fan? If the mobo has fan speed monitoring, it may have noticed the CPU fan is not spinning, hence the beeps, and once the CPU gets too hot, it shuts down the PC to avoid damage.

  Dorsai 14:04 28 Nov 2004

capacirots = capacitors


  badger7 14:07 28 Nov 2004

Thanks Dorsai. The fan is not starting up when I power on, so think I will have a good look around that area and see if it fixes the problem. Will let you know!

  badger7 16:22 03 Dec 2004

...I checked the CPU fan and found that it is now working but the beeps still continue and the pc still shuts down! I have now received the correct ram and installed it carefully, but the same problem occurs. I would be really grateful for any other ideas as this has me stumped!

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