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  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 07:54 15 Nov 2007

I have inherited an old PC and it is 2.8GHz so worth keeping or finding a home for. It has a 160Gb HD with a 10GB C: partition with XP and a 150Gb D: partition.

There are a lot of programs in various folders (there's even a "program files" folder on D: which presumably not seen by the OS) but do not appear in the "install/remove programs" of the CP.

Does anyone know of a good set of facilities that will search out these unused programs and files so I can zap them and clean the registry to boot?

Is it usual to have two partitions like this? I am tempted to load a Linux version and dual boot so any further advice appreciated?


  p;3 09:20 15 Nov 2007

whatever you DO do you will need a legitimate original CD OF whatever you put on there with its licence key (the system will know if it is NOT legit and you will be wasting everyones time )

IF you attempt to merely stick with THIS computer and use the XP already on it we cannot help you
please do NOT try to circumvent copyright law

pleas see comments on click here

  PalaeoBill 09:33 15 Nov 2007

Software like CC cleaner will do a reasonable job and there are free versions of partition manager available (Google) which would combine the two partitions.
Alternatively you could just delete the old partitions, create one new one, format & reinstall. Does it have a Windows sticker anywhere on the system unit. If so this will have the licence number on it an should also show if it is XP Pro or XP Home. So long as you use that licence number you can beg or borrow the relevant media CD from a friend or neighbour to re-install with.

  lotvic 09:37 15 Nov 2007

Is there a sticker on the pc tower with the COA product key? If so then you can just reinstall from an XP cd that matches the O/S you have (XP pro, Home, etc.) then you will have a nice clean fresh start and you will be able to re-partition the harddrive at the same time.

  keef66 10:09 15 Nov 2007

as far as I can tell from the earlier thread you link to, he's paid (or still trying to pay) microsoft £95 to legitimise the copy of XP.

Quite common for an HDD to be partitioned this way, usually has the OS and program files on a smaller C partition and data files on D. The reason is that if anything goes wrong with the OS or other programs, it can be reinstalled quickly and easily from a backup of C without disturbing the data files. Less common to find program files on the D partition.

If you have successfully paid the £95 to MS, presumably you get a product key? If so, I'd suggest what others already have; do a clean install from a borrowed disk using your product key.

  lotvic 11:34 15 Nov 2007

sometimes you get a false report of 'Windows not genuine'
If you ring microsoft you will be able to confirm whether or not the COA product key on the tower case is available for you to use. You can then get from them an activation code.

I suggest using magicaljellybean keyfinder to get the product key from the registry and see if it matches the one on the tower sticker and then if it is different you will have 2 product keys to check out with microsoft

Yes, your'e right. I will wait until I get the XP cd from microsoft. Then I can do a clean reinstall. I am in dialogue with th UK arm and they are asking for scren shots of the WGA process so they can help. I'll report back when I get through that. Wne I get fed up with trying I'll go for a clean instal with Linux and goodbye to windows.

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