New NTL speeds fast, or are they?

  Legolas 19:39 19 Mar 2005

As mentioned in another thread I upgraded from 750k to 2mb yesterday and am well pleased with the increase in speed, but it sort of puts it into perspective when you see this click here

We have still got a bit of catching up to do.

  VoG II 19:47 19 Mar 2005

Maybe quite soon click here

  Vitruvian Man 20:00 19 Mar 2005

WOW...26mbps, that's unreal!!! At so cheap too. Japanese are so lucky...

  jz 20:19 19 Mar 2005

I'm surprised that NTL would use ADSL along a telephone line when they can instead use the coaxial cable. Some cable companies abroad are installing Video On Demand on their coaxial cables.

  Legolas 20:31 19 Mar 2005

Looks interesting VoG™.
I am convinced in the future we will have all our programmes streamed into our homes and you will choose what you want to see.

  jz 20:33 19 Mar 2005

I have NTL for telephone and internet. A few years ago, they were much cheaper than BT which is why I switched. But now, because other providers can use the BT line, better deals and more choice can be had with a BT line.

The problem is... my BT cable is still in my house, but when I was decorating, I removed the box that the phone normally plugs into, and I must have thrown it away. BT allow people to switch back to them at low or no cost if they haven't changed their internal BT line wiring, but if they have, they charge something like £100.

Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement box to screw on the wall. I think I need a 'Master' box which I think has some form of protection in it. I think that the ones you normally buy aren't like this, but BT can find out by testing your line if this 'Master' box isn't fitted.

  Legolas 22:17 19 Mar 2005

Its on the way click here

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