new nexus 7 music player

  imustitch 21:21 27 Jan 2013

I've just bought a Nexus 7 and I've synced my cd's from my laptop to it. My laptop says that the result of the snc is that the files are on the Nexus, but I can't find them on the google player, where should I be looking/what am I doing wrong/what else do I need to play my music?

  siouxah1 23:17 27 Jan 2013

imustitch. To see music on the 7. Connect to computer using USB cable supplied. The nexus will appear in my computer. Click on Nexus7 and then click on music. Your music should be here. To play my music I downloaded a free player from the app store. I used winamp. When this is loaded and opened a selection choice is provided. Your music will be listed as per your choice. Yoy will be able to use drag and drop if you require to fine tune the content. Please feel free to return for more info if required.

  DaveBTorq 06:37 14 Mar 2013

The best (sorry my opinion) music player is Samsung's android music player but I haven't yet found a way to load it onto the Nexus 7. It is simple and finds album art very well. The Google play set of music players for the Nexus 7 are too complicated and do not load album art very well. On top of this payment is often asked for with poor results. Has anyone worked out a method of loading Samsung's Music player ? Think about this.

  muddypaws 09:42 14 Mar 2013


The few I have imported are in the music folder via the headphone icon in task bar.

Are yours not there?

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