New to networking- help !

  clocker 18:53 17 Aug 2005

New to networking so havn't a clue !
I've just bought a Buffalo WBR2-G54s Cable/DSL router and have installed a wireless network adapter(also Buffalo) into the other PC I want to network with (both running XP)
However,it's showing on the main PC that there is no adapter.
Do i need to install an adapter in both PCs ?

  howard60 20:45 17 Aug 2005

how are you connecting the router to your main pc

  clocker 21:38 17 Aug 2005

It's connected by a cat5 cable plugged into an ethernet card (Both machines have these installed)

  recap 16:17 18 Aug 2005

Are the adaptors in both machines enabled?

  recap 16:22 18 Aug 2005

Another thought, check to see which type of cat5 cable you are using, whether it needs a crossover or straight through cable?

  howard60 16:58 18 Aug 2005

if the network adaptor is built into the motherboard you may have to enable it in the bios.

  clocker 19:12 18 Aug 2005

I'm so close to getting this thing up and running But it is now asking for an encryption key.
This is a five digit key and the current encryption is WEP 64 bit ASCII
What on earth is the e.key ?

  NinkyRudes 15:39 23 Aug 2005

The encryption key is what the wireless network uses to protect itself from outside intruders etc, useful if you plan to use the network anywhere other than the countryside!

Most wireless hardware ships with no encryption key set, and you type in a phrase or similar that it converts into a key.

Think of it as a password. Double check with Buffalo (check manuals etc too) whether there is a default preset password, and if so, type it in.

Sorry if this sounds patronising, but I'm still learning the pleasures of wireless technology too!

  NinkyRudes 15:54 23 Aug 2005

Also, you could try turning off your wireless protection (temporarily) just to try and finish off getting the connection up and running.

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