New Network Detected - every time I boot?

  Graphicool1 12:23 10 Mar 2011


Any thoughts on this, every time I boot my PC the Firewall (PC Tools Firewall Plus) says...

New Network Detected


MAC Address: **-**-**-**-**-**
IP/Mask: ***.***.*.*/***.***.***.*
(the astrix's are numbers and letters, but I don't see the point on putting them here)

Select a trust level for this network

(It then shows 3 levels, for me to select one)
Public ~ Home ~ Work
PC Tools recommends untrusted profiles for insecure networks.

This sign stays on the screen until I select one of the 3 choices. Whichever I choose, it doesn't matter because next time I boot it's there again. I've opened the Firewall control panel and clicked the 'Network' tab. This shows two networks...

MSHOME - Public

Nomatter which one I highlight, the following statistics remain the same...

IP?Mask: ***.***.*.*/***.***.***.*
Connection Status: Active
Last Connected: Active
Gateway MAC: **-**-**-**-**-**
Prompt on new network detection
(I turned this off but it makes no difference)
Default profile for new networks
(It then gives the same 3 choices Public-Home-Work)

  961 12:42 10 Mar 2011

Can you delete the MSHOME-Public network and then arrange your firewall settings to allow MSHOME but block all others?

  Graphicool1 13:04 10 Mar 2011

Apparently not. This section in my firewall is limited as to what I can and/or can't do. Whenever I do anything 'Manually' to change it, it just resets itself. As with the 'Prompt on new network detection' box. It was ticked and it is prompting me! So I unticked it and it's still prompting me?!

  961 13:25 10 Mar 2011

l24 suggestion looks good

  Graphicool1 13:30 10 Mar 2011

As a matter of interest '124' is the number of my house.

As someone in the forum link you gave me, I too had version 6 and I too had used 'Smart Update'. Which also told me my version was up to date. As you suspected it wasn't, but it is now.

Cheers guys, especially 124 - let's hope that it's sorted. Although after I updated I had to reboot and once again it said...
'Found a new network'
Let's hope it's just finding its feet.

  Graphicool1 15:48 11 Mar 2011

Firewall still finds a new network every time it boots. Even though I updated the firewall?! The only difference now is Iget two selection choices instead of three, they are:

Trusted and/or untrusted.

  SURVEY 16:02 11 Mar 2011

I also have this problem on one of my computers. It is an absolute pain. I have researched various forums including the Zone Alarm Users forum. I have tried all the various suggestions to no avail. The only pertinent comment has been that an update is due in March and MAYBE that will address the issue that many are facing. I shall give it to the end of March and then if the manufacturers of Zone Alarm have not done anything about the problem, I shall try to find another free stand alone firewall.

A great shame as I have used Zone Alarm for years and recommended it to others. It really does annoy me when suppliers of these products introduce a fault and then do nothing about promptly correcting it. Arrogance comes to mind!

  Graphicool1 14:32 12 Mar 2011

Thanx for your input.

I changed from 'Ashampoo's Firewall' to 'PC Tools Firewall' a couple of years ago. Because 'AF' conflicted with 'Spyware Terminator' and there isn't a serious free alternative contender to 'ST'.

This isn't the first time it's done this though, last time it cleared up in the same spontainious way as it started. So I think I'll hang in here for a while and hope it will be short lived. At least you have a straw of hope to cling to.

Good luck G1

  Graphicool1 14:37 12 Mar 2011

A small crumb of comfort...

If this same thing is happening with two different Firewalls, it would seem that our PC's aren't to blame, per say. I guess it could be a software conflict. Although if it is I've got no chance finding the culprit, as I'm a freeware junkie!

  961 14:54 12 Mar 2011

If smart update told you version 6 was up to date I wonder if it might be worth ensuring version 6 has in fact been completely uninstalled or if part of the old version is still working on your computer

Can you try uninstalling the programme completely, going into C drive, programmes, finding the folder for PCTools, deleting it manually, rebooting, then running CCleaner to get rid of registry items left etc, and then doing a fresh instal of version 7

If, after all that, it still does it, time to move to another firewall

  Graphicool1 15:04 12 Mar 2011

Well I did then install 7 manually, however albeit over the existing one. So, yes you may have a point there, anyway it's well worth giving it a go. After all it doesn't take long, thanx for that suggestion 961 I'll post back my results.

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