New NAV LiveUpdate

  accord 06:51 05 Sep 2003

New defs releaesed this morning

Virus defs: 04/09/2003

  powerless 06:53 05 Sep 2003

I've never seen, NAV updates on here. Only AVG'ers ;-)

Got the update about 4am this morning...

  accord 06:56 05 Sep 2003


I thought i'd be different as I dont use AVG. 4am ? abit early for me matey


  powerless 06:57 05 Sep 2003

Early worm i am.

  anchor 19:11 05 Sep 2003

Norton A/V updates appear every working day. Live updates usually happen weekly, unless an important change is needed, which appears to have been the case on the 4th September.

  accord 09:45 07 Sep 2003


those of us who have the privalage of using live update will often find that it updates every wednesday. however, this post is to inform people of a new update aside from the norm.

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