new name for database programme

  pookie 16:09 06 Aug 2012

Good afternoon,

At work, a school for international students to come and learn English during the summer, we have a database where we enter all student booking details etc. This is simply referred to as the database. We are looking for another name for it. Something short, the letters each may stand for something eg SAP (Summer Academic Programme) etc. Any suggestions? Just a bit of fun really so no luxury prizes for the winner.

Thank you

  KRONOS the First 16:35 06 Aug 2012


Come And Murder English.

  Nontek 16:46 06 Aug 2012

Teachers' PET!

Personal English Tuition

  pookie 19:06 06 Aug 2012

Both good replies, for different reasons :-) PET can't be used as there is an exam qualification called PET

  TonyV 19:32 06 Aug 2012

The Real English Academy Database - TREAD.


  pookie 11:51 07 Aug 2012

Thank you. Tread - yes, that is the sort of name that could be used and is leading at the moment

  Nontek 12:47 07 Aug 2012

Just take off the T ..... READ

  pookie 19:06 08 Aug 2012

Yeap READ is good as well. Someone at work has suggested Summer not that it stands for anything but it refers to the Summer database as opposed to the main school database. Any other suggestions?

  rdave13 19:18 08 Aug 2012

ESSAY. english summer session academic year.

  Woolwell 22:20 08 Aug 2012

It will probably always be called the database but you could give it a forename or just call it "IT" Information Technology. You can then say I'm just going to enter the data into or get the data from it.

  pookie 15:45 19 Aug 2012

thank you for all the suggestions - I'll let you know if one of yours is picked!

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