New MSI Ti4200 PROBLEM or NOT?????

  Monitor Master 21:35 11 Jul 2003

Hello nice people ......

I have just bought a new MSI Ti4200 64mb with 4x AGP DVI TV-Out. The problem is that when I boot my pc I hear a clicking sound (I think it?s the graphics card fan on the heatsink) but after about 30 seconds the noise goes! Should I be worried about this? Do you think I should try to get in replaced in case it gets worse?

Any suggestions?

Is there a way I can check the temp so I can make sure its working ok?

I get 8,600 3DMarks on 2001SE benchmark (Althlon XP 1700+ 256mbram 40gig the above FX)

I?m worried that the graphics card might either get worse, fail or is not working 100% right!

Please help!

Thanks Michael

  sil_ver 21:39 11 Jul 2003

Have you tried booting with the case side removed so that you can see what's going on?

  Monitor Master 21:44 11 Jul 2003


all i can see is that all fans are working ok i think it must be the new graphics card as i have only just put it in and the rest of the system is at least as old as october 2002 if not older. Thats unless i knocked something which is possible although unlikely

  sil_ver 21:50 11 Jul 2003

Assuming no cables are touching any of the fans when it's closed up then I suppose its possible the gpu fan is touching something on the card until it settles down. Does the noise go away if you put the old card in?

  Monitor Master 21:56 11 Jul 2003

1. No cables are touching the fan - first thing i checked

2. Maybe its touching something - is there a way of checking without taking the graphics card to bits?

3. I have not tried my old graphics card back in - might do later

Thanks Michael

  sil_ver 22:32 12 Jul 2003

Can't be sure but I think the H'sink/fan is only clipped on. If you fit the old graphics card it will give you a better idea as to whether the card is the problem.

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