New msi motherboard and amd chip

  Blue screen of death666 19:50 02 Jan 2009

Much Help neded

Hi,I have had to buy a new motherboard for my sons pc.I purchased a MSI K9N6PGM2-V.Put a new duel core chip in and new kingston ddr2 ram.

Clean install with xp, and off we went.All is fine except for one thing.
We can not load anything via the cd etc just get so far and then the pc freezes.Re boot and you get a message as its booting saying hyper transport flood error at last boot???...what is this??
The mother board is designed for sata hard drives...I have an ide hard drive,running through a ide cable.It connects the cd rom ,via the hard drive and plugs into the single and only ide socket on the this ok??...or is this the i need a sata hard drive for this mother board??...
Any help needed...have I a duff cpu??,...even if it is brand new??

Please help



  ambra4 01:29 03 Jan 2009

Have you set the cdrom as a slave drive

  ambra4 01:47 03 Jan 2009

There is no need to get a SATA hard drive you can use the SATA port by connecting a SATA to

IDE adapter to your present IDE drives

SATA to IDE Dongle

click here

  3gboosterman 02:08 03 Jan 2009

check to see if you have set your cdrom drive as a slave? Usually there is a diagram on the back of the cdrom to show you.

Try plugging the cdrom cable to a separate socket if you have a spare one.

Try and borrow and testing a friends cdrom to see if yours is faulty?

Maybe you have a short cdrom cable which can come loose?

Try using just one ram in turn to see if its a faulty ram?

Also see if your CPU and heatsink is seated properly and into the socket?

I'm no expert but just sharing what i know.
Hope it helps.

Good Luck.


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