New mp3 player not seen

  josie mayhem 22:34 03 Jun 2006

I brought a Accer MP3 330, 10g haed drive, but I can get it to connect to any of my computers 2 desk tops and a lap top. All runing xphome sp2, all use NFTS file system. Could this be why all my computers can't see the MP3 player.

The only drivers supplied with the player is for win98, says that xp have correct drivers! The manual is quite hopeless, the only thing I could find here that it was compatible with fats/fats16 and fats32 file systems...

Have I missed something, or is it a compatibility issue..

  SLAYER 22:50 03 Jun 2006

I had a similar problem with a Phililps player, pc did not see it, why o' why do things not work together.Anyway got rid of it,got a Creative player,no probs.Sorry, not an answer to your problem.

  josie mayhem 23:21 03 Jun 2006

You've just gutted me, as I pondered for quite a while in the shop today over a creative zen player or the Acer 330, in the end I choose the Acer because because of it's hard drive size and it was cheaper than the Zen by quiet a bit...

So I think after trying on three different computers that it has joined the secret service and gone undercover!!!!

So I think it's a case of taking it back tomorrow and exchanging it for the Zen or prehaps a ????

The worst bit, means a 30 mile round trip to sort it all out...

Oh well that is after all computers and life....

  Madscot_uk 23:22 03 Jun 2006

haf a look around on the acer site and couldnt find any reference to drivers for your product but it is listed. It might be worthwile e-mailing/phoning the company direct. Various contact details can be found here click here

  Josho™ 23:43 03 Jun 2006

Me and others have had the same problem, I had to format and afterwards it worked fine.

  josie mayhem 23:44 03 Jun 2006

Thanks Madscot_uk, I did look here before asking here... for a company of it's size it seems to provide little support, that is easy to access, even for there computers.

I ponder if it is really worth the hassel of going down the road of e-mailing there support, problem being if I don't go back tomorrow it could be another fortnight before I can get back to the shop, time and distance that I need to travel does make it a bit arkward...

Shall sleep on it and see how I feel in the morinng...

  josie mayhem 23:58 03 Jun 2006

Just checked the manual to see if I can format the drive and this isn't a option! the only option to format anything is a ud and that it the hard drive nothing!

  josie mayhem 14:03 04 Jun 2006

Took the Acer back today to comets, no problems with the return, very good customer services.

Choose to replace with a different make, so was assigned one the sales assitants to help with our choice, picked a sony walkman vn 3000 with 20g hard drive. Very nice even though it does loss some of the features of the Acer...

But at least you get a manual that explains all! It also encludes the Sony player thingy to transfer your music across and connect you up to the Sony down load store which having a glance through seems to be a very good selection of music, and at a very reasonable price to boot.

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