New mouse wanted [microsoft x8 or razer mamba?]

  AL47 23:39 23 Feb 2010

im on the hunt for a new mouse, with a high dpi

[currently have 2000]

ive been looking at either the microsoft x8 or razer mamba.. the mamba is waaaay more expensive tho, if anyone has either of these or any other suggestions please post away!

  retep888 00:54 24 Feb 2010

May I know why you want a high dpi mouse,gaming?

  AL47 07:40 24 Feb 2010

gaming a bit but im not crazy on it, i have 2 full HD monitors and dont want to have to make huge mouse movements

  retep888 11:33 24 Feb 2010

Not sure about that,I did have a wired gaming Razer and now have a wireless Logitech MX Revolution click here.

To be honest I can't tell much difference though the Revolution has a lower dpi, and I have a 30" monitor.

  AL47 22:34 24 Feb 2010

ive looked at that mouse, whats its dpi i cant seem to find it?

im guessing your 30in is still 1920?

i have a u2410 and its huge, but again 1920x1200 pixels would be nice to have a high dpi

  retep888 00:46 25 Feb 2010

Logitech MX Revolution is 2000dpi(same as the one that you have now but you want higher)
click here

My 30" is 2560x1600 click here

  AL47 07:29 25 Feb 2010

oh wow, thats an amazing moniotr!

200DPI isnt too bad i did like that logitech mouse someone said the rubbery plastic can come off tho?

  retep888 11:06 25 Feb 2010

<<200DPI isnt too bad>>

It's bad if only 200 instead of 2000 dpi. :-)

<<someone said the rubbery plastic can come off tho ?>>

Been using it for over a year now and many hours everyday,nothing came off.

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