new motherboard problems

  tod51 12:15 12 Apr 2008

i recently installed a new motherboard into my desktop pc and every time you install xp it get nearly half way though the installation and it cuts out. i have tried changing the power pack please help

  sunny staines 13:46 12 Apr 2008

sounds like pc overheating or ram problem has anything come loose or shorting out.

  Diemmess 13:55 12 Apr 2008

1) A new motherboard fitted?
1a)Together with new CPU?

2)Nothing else - HD or the Operating System?

3) If you haven't changed the HD or operating system, when the computer was switched on it should have booted by itself.

Though a new motherboard will have its own set of drivers to be installed from the CD that came with it, this is usually done once the Operating System is installed.

If you are trying to install XP on this computer for the first time you may have to format and start from scratch.

So you see from all my questions that it will be much easier to suggest what you can do, if you can tell us exactly what you have and what you did with it?

  skidzy 14:02 12 Apr 2008

Plenty of questions that really need answers Tod,this will help diagnose where the issue could be.

First thoughts here is;

Have you applied thermal paste/compound to the cpu

Are all fans working,this means heatsink fan/case fans if any/psu fan ?

Is this a new harddrive ?
Does the harddrive have any thing on it ?

  jimv7 14:47 12 Apr 2008

What motherboard?

How much ram?

Which hard drive, is it ide or sata?

  tod51 15:09 12 Apr 2008

the hd has been formatted and no paste or anything like that has been done or applied

  tod51 15:12 12 Apr 2008

and also the fans are working there is 1gb of ram in the motherboard and the computer was old and the motherboard is a asus new board

  tod51 15:12 12 Apr 2008

and the fans work

  jimv7 15:12 12 Apr 2008

With no paste applied between the heatsink and the cpu, I would say the cpu is overheating and cutting out, also if your unlucky, now damaged.

  jack 15:21 12 Apr 2008

Beacuse the motherboard will have a unique chipset and drivers the existing system on the HDD will not recognise it.
Therefore a new Mobo is always Reformat and reinstall.

  Quiller. 15:58 12 Apr 2008

When you swapped over the cpu with the heastsink and fan, did you split it down e.g. seperate the cpu from the heatsink or did you move the whole unit in one block?

If you split the cpu and heatsink, you have to clean the old paste off and re-apply new paste.

If you transfered it in one unit, it should be alright.

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