New motherboard problems

  volcano 22:13 28 Dec 2003

After finally getting my PC working after installing the MSI KT4AV motherboard i have now got problems with my optical and floppy drives. In the Bios my floppy drive shows up, but despite setting the Bios to boot to floppy 1st, the floppy doesnt appear to work despite the fact the the led is constantly on from boot up. Even when Win2000 has loaded it displays the floppy as drive A but it is not possible to access it, when i put a disk in and double click on the A: drive the message insert disk appears.

Secondly i have a problem with both of my optical drives, i set the DVD-Rom to be the master and the DVD-Burner to be the slave yet when i check the bios on the DVD-Burner shows up as a slave. I then removed the DVD-Burner completely and rebooted, the bios still was showing the DVD-Rom as a slave despite it being set as the Master. Hence on the Secondary IDE for my motherboard i have no master just a slave. Even when i swap the drives around and put just the burner in it still shows as a slave.

The PC does work, but i dont understand why Windows 2000 has assigned the drives the way it has. C: = master HDD, D:= Optical Drive(either one), E:=Slave HDD. Why are the HDD C & D respectively?

Athlon 900
512mb DDR2700
20gb Maxtor
120gb Barracuda
Pioneer DVD-Rom
BTC DualWrite DVD Burner

  Quiller. 22:22 28 Dec 2003

" the floppy doesnt appear to work despite the fact the the led is constantly on from boot up."

nearly always this is because the floppy ribbon cable is the wrong way around. Switch off the computer and turn the cable around. Now try it on bootup. Hopefully this should be one thing less to worry about.

  Quiller. 22:24 28 Dec 2003

As for the burner and rom. Either set the burner for master, they don't like to be slave and the rom as slave.


Put both drives on to cable select on the jumpers. Hopefully this might sort this out?

  QQAA 22:40 28 Dec 2003

From my past experiences, if you experiment a lot with you PC (rebooting alot), adopting "Cable Select" for the jumper settings could lead to unexpected troubles and failure to boot.

I would like to know if others have had similar encounters before, but anyway it is better to acquire the necessary basic knowledge for drive installation (which is not difficult) instead of using this 'short-cut' option.

  volcano 00:10 29 Dec 2003

I have managed to get the DVD drives operating correctly as master and slave simply by changing the IDE cables. Im still having problems with the floppy drive though.

  woodchip 00:17 29 Dec 2003

Have you Formatted the hard drive and loaded Mobo Drivers

  DAG88 01:28 29 Dec 2003

most floppy dirve ribbons (well mine anyway) have 3 connections: 1 to connect to the motherboard, 1 for a 3 1/2 inch floppy and 1 for a 5 inch floppy. I think i am right guessing u use 3 1/2 inch floppy.

The connection for the 3.5 inch floppy is the 1 that has a twist in the cable. Also make sure u try turning the conector around as it fits both ways as bsod said

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