New motherboard problems

  DPD 13:32 28 Dec 2003

I am trying to install one of those Motherboard kits - MSI with Athlon XP2000 and 256 RAM into a 4yr old Mesh

Have installed and reconnected devices and "Set up BIOS" following manual. The result:
- No PCI cards identified
- No PCI bus
- No USB
- In "System" in Control panel, under Performance Status it states - "Compatibility-mode paging reduces overall system performance. Drive C is using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system."
- My DVD-ROM and Iomega Zip drive are not recognised in Control panel. But when I set values to Auto in BIOS setup, both drives were correctly identified.

Any suggestions PLEASE!!

  Big Elf 13:52 28 Dec 2003

Couple of articles on the disk problem here from Microsoft click here

click here

but I think it's probably the BIOS settings. Is there an option to 'Load Fail Safe Defaults'?

  rickf 14:01 28 Dec 2003

I think if drive c is using ms-compatibility mode then the drivers for the chipset have not been installed properly. If it is via chipset, you need to get the latest drivers which used to be the 4in1 and I think you are also missing the Promise controller as well.Thexe would be on your cd installation dics. If you go to device manager you'll see exclamation marks beside the controllers. Once drivers and Promise are in these will disappear. Hope this helps.

  DPD 15:34 28 Dec 2003

Thanks for thoughts.

I've tried the default settings.

because my cd is not being recognised, I can't load the drivers. I downloaded the 4in 1 pack for the Via chipset on to a floppy disk and tried installing that but i got an error message - "Registry error. Reboot PC"

Any other thoughts?

  Rayuk 15:47 28 Dec 2003

Are you doing a complete reinstalation of the os?
What power supply do you have

  tarkus 16:54 28 Dec 2003

have you just taken the old motherboard out and then put the new one in and reconnected everything? if you have i qould say that you are asking for problems all the chipset drivers will be different among loads of other things, your best bet would be to back up your important data and then fdisk / format the drive and reinstall windows and then reload any other software you need,

  DPD 18:00 30 Dec 2003

yes you are right....
I have resorted to the nuclear option and formatted disk and reinstalled Win98....
Up and running now. Just a few other conflicts to resolve and driver updates required.

Thanks to all who passed on ideas.

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