New motherboard with existing RAM sticks

  Barnacarry 13:23 24 Apr 2009

I am having to replace my motherboard, Winfast 6100K8MA which seems to be discontinued, as well as my PSU.
I purchased the memory from Crucial, 3Gb's, and sent them an email requesting information on compatible mobos for these sticks but, as yet, I have received no reply.
Is there a way of finding out which mobo these sticks of ram would fit?

  Diemmess 13:44 24 Apr 2009

Have just fed your Mobo number into Google - one site says

"It has four DDR-DIMM sockets, accepting up to 4 GB of DDR266/333/400 memory. Foxconn used white on sockets 1 and 2 and black on sockets 3 and 4. To use DDR Dual Channel feature you need to install the memory modules on sockets with the same color."

If the description fits and if you can see any identity marks on these sticks this may be as close as you can get

  Barnacarry 14:01 24 Apr 2009

Thanks Diemmess. I have 2 x 1GB and 2 x 512 sticks of RAM. You are also correct in that I do have white on sockets 1 and 2 and black on sockets 3 and 4. All four sticks are exactly the same colour, shape and size with no distinguishing marks.
What I want is a new motherboard that these sticks of RAM will fit or will they fit any mobo regardless of make?

  Diemmess 16:06 24 Apr 2009

"will they fit any mobo?" Not quite the right way round!.....

RAM sticks of the same specification, will work on a suitable mobo, regardless of the manufacturer of either the mobo or the RAM.

It is rather more difficult to choose the RAM first!
If you want to use the present RAM then you will have to search every potential new mobo's specification first, to see if it is compatible the RAM you have.

The more recent RAM sticks may not fit physically having different pin spacing and numbers of pins.
You should be able to find what you want but it may take some careful searching

  Barnacarry 21:24 24 Apr 2009

Thanks again, Diemmess. I didn't think it would be that easy but it was worth a try. I'll give Crucial another go and see what they come up with. Cheers.

  phono 21:44 24 Apr 2009

Your mobo supports 939 pin Athlon 64 and Sempron CPUs, and has a nVidia GeForce 6100 and nForce 410 North and South Bridge chips respectively, it has four DIMMs that can take up to 4 GB of DDR 400 RAM.

If you are intending using the same CPU as well as the RAM you should search for a motherboard with socket 939 for CPU and has four DIMM sockets which support up to 3GB, or more, of DDR 400 RAM.

If you are only using the RAM again any motherboard with four DIMMS which supports up to 3GB, or more, of DDR 400 RAM should suffice.

As you say you have to replace your motherboard and PSU can you be sure that the CPU and RAM still work? I have seen failed PSUs 'take out' just about every component attached to the motherboard.

  Barnacarry 10:57 25 Apr 2009

Hi phono. The simple fact is that I don't know what has happened except that the information I've found concludes that it could be one or both that has packed up and, not being that techy minded, I have decided to buy both Mobo and PSU and hope that this will remedy the problem. Unfortunately, I don't want to throw the 3Gb of RAM away.

  ambra4 12:22 25 Apr 2009

The Winfast 6100K8MA motherboard is still available from PC Upgrade

click here

  phono 23:40 25 Apr 2009

Can you borrow a PSU from a known working PC and try it to see if it works?

  Barnacarry 09:32 26 Apr 2009

ambra4. Thanks for the info. It look as though I can get a new mobo and an 800w PSU for about £100, which has to be cheaper than a new base unit

phono. Unfortunately, I don't have access to another PSU. Asking to borrow one from friends causes bouts of anxiety.

Anyway, thank you both for you help and I think I shall bite the bullet and purchase these 2 units. And if that does'nt work, I SHALL BE BACK!

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