new motherboard and cpu problem

  bluenote 19:57 20 Sep 2003

today I purchased a new motherboard (asrock k7s8xe) and cpu(amd 2200) after installing them on starting up i got no bleep but the processor fan and the psu fan were working but it went no further.Nothing came up on screen and i could not get in to the bios.Also the power came on as soon as it was plugged in ,not by pressing the front button.Has anyone any ideas as to what may be wrong .Ifollowed the instructions to the letter.

  OneSirKnight 20:13 20 Sep 2003

Hi ,i could not find much information about your mobo, but you can ask your questions here if you dont get any help from this help room.

click here

  howard60 20:59 20 Sep 2003

try removing all the leads that go to floppy, cd and hdd. Then take the video card out and stick it back in. Take the memory out and put that back in. Now try starting and see if you get beeps etc. If you now add back the items 1 at a time to see which is causing the problem. Another thing worth checking - the clear bios jumper although they are always supposed to be on the normal run position if they have been put on to the clear bios position you will get the effect you describe. Check in the manual.

  Beas-Knees 21:11 20 Sep 2003

I built a PC today using a Asrock K7VM2 and 2200 processor,The jumper on this particular M/B is set at 100 fsb instead of 133 so that needed altering,Also the bios is by Amibios and instead of tapping Del at startup to enter bios as i am used to i had to tap F2.Although these 2 things may help, if you aren't getting any beeps on startup then i would suggest taking out and reseating the ram.

  slimbo51 21:16 20 Sep 2003

Normally on building a system if you get nowt on boot up it is caused by ram incompatability.
The Ram is usually ok but just does not like the m/board.
Build alot of systems and get this quite often.
All I do is try a different stick of ram or two, until one works.
MSI boards to my knowlege are the worst for this, and as such will only use good branded ram on them.
The Graphics card as stated above will also not give u a diplay if not seated properly. AGP cards can be a pain as they use double rows of contacts, and if not pushed in far enough even though they may look as though they are will produce a no power-up situation.

  bluenote 21:22 20 Sep 2003

thanks for your suggestions i will try again tomorrow.

  Bodi 21:31 20 Sep 2003

Beas-Knees & slimbo51 and would check that the memory chips are seated properly and/or are compatible with your motherboard.

If you go here:-

click here

by typing in your motherboard details you will find the correct RAM modules.

Would also check your graphics card and ALL cables (power and flat ribbon cables)

Regarding the motherboard powering on when the computer is plugged in, you could check that neither the power or reset button is stuck in and reverse the front panel connectors.

Some motherboards do, for some unknown reason, power up and then down again, before the power button is depressed. One I had did this, but flashing to an updated BIOS resolved this. However, this would be a very last resort.

Hope this helps


  Bodi 21:36 20 Sep 2003

Also agree with Beas-Knees about the FSB (front side bus)

Another thought is that perhaps the memory slot no 3 holds the key. If you have two memory modules, try slot 1 & 3, or 2 & 3 - or if you have only one, just populate slot 3.

Good luck,


  bluenote 22:13 20 Sep 2003

front side bus is correct133.I also tried all three memory slots.same result.I can't try all the suggestions tonight as i had to change everything back to my old system in able to contact you kind folks.thanks once again for your support.alan

  bluenote 20:11 23 Sep 2003

thank you guys for your assistance the problem was faulty ram.Sorry for the delay but I had a problem with my modem .Just this minute got back on line."Oh" the joys of "computerizering".

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