new motherboard and cpu installe, dead computer!!!

  styven 09:38 07 Sep 2003

I have replaced the motherboard and processor in my old HP Pavilion PC.

Old spec celeron 533, intle 810 chipset MB.
New spec celeron 1.8, sis651 chipset MB.

When i switch on with new parts installed all that happens is the power supply fan and cpu fan whirr away. Ican't get anything up on the monitor except "check video connection" and my cd rom won't do anything, not even open.

If i put everything back to how it was, old board etc, all is fine.

Could my power supply be the problem??.
spec input 240v output 140w max.

  Bodi 09:42 07 Sep 2003

won't do any harm, but are you sure

a) that your motherboard is capable of running the upgraded CPU? Check the manual

b) Is the new CPU set up properly? Are there jumper settings on the board that have to be altered. Again check the manual.


  styven 09:54 07 Sep 2003

The board supports the CPU.

I can't find any reference to jumper settings in the manual.

  Legolas 09:57 07 Sep 2003

Some M/Bs require the cmos to be cleared to allow it to boot, there should be a jumper on the M/B to allow you to do this, worth a try.

  Bodi 09:59 07 Sep 2003

Right styven, I would try a new PSU and then see what happens.

If everything else checks out as you say, I would tend to agree with your first diagnosis.

Good luck


  goonerbill 15:07 07 Sep 2003

ya old psu only has a 140watt max output, that more than likely is the problem. cant remember what each component uses ( wattage wise ) but new mobo's and cpu's are quite power hungry and of course all the other items in ya pc need power.

have cpu amd 2500+, 2 h/drives, sound card, modem, graphics card, dvd rom, cd-writer which run from a 450 watt psu

  Peverelli 16:12 07 Sep 2003

I had a problem with new mobo, turned out that the keyboard and mouse connectors had been wired the wrong way around!! I swapped the mouse and keyboard around and everything was fine. Worth a try?

  agarm11 16:18 07 Sep 2003

Just a thought, try reseating the Ram, I had a major nightmare with a similar problem, took me ages to find that the ram wasn't quite seated properly, even though it looked like it was.

  SEASHANTY 16:34 07 Sep 2003

There must be some jumper settings somewhere. Also some dip settings to set the CPU voltage click here

  JMG 18:28 07 Sep 2003

I would tend to agree, a 140Watt PSU is woefully short on power for todays components. I would change that for a modern high powered version. (450 + is the norm)

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