new motherboard blues

  Umpteenth 09:09 10 Feb 2006

i bought a new motherboard, it was an asrock p4v88+.
i plugged in an old Processor, a P4 2.66GHz.
512M DIMM and one more thing, a PNY nvidia 6600GT.
Started her up, the fans started up, but no video and no beeps.
Whats going on? does anybody know?

  rmcqua 09:38 10 Feb 2006

Remove and reinsert the processor, memory and graphics card. Check the power connectors (both of them if it's an ATX m/b with 2 connectors). Try again. Sorry if you have already done these things - this would be my first course of action.
Any chance that the old processor has been damaged?

  jack 12:11 10 Feb 2006

As rmcqua says
Check the Power supply Modern MoBo's have separately powered CPU,s.
So the MoBo will have the common 20 pin Socket and nearby a 4 pin socket with the familiar white nylon body
The power supply must have this also. otherwise the processor wont fire up.
So New Power supply then?

Alsso a new Mobo will mean a reformat and reload as the older system will not recognise the new chip set- or vicci verka I guess.
New Mobo's are definitely NOT plug and play.

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