New motherboard

  exdragon 16:53 16 Aug 2005

Hi - I'm getting my friendly computer shop to install a new motherboard, processor and memory. They're going to do all the necessary work to get it up and running again (I hope!) but is there anything I ought to know beforehand? For instance, I've got Acronis TI - is this any good for recreating whatever it's got backed up, or do I forget everything, give them a copy of a Belarc report and let them get on with it?

Do I need to back up my own data or can that be picked up from Acronis? I've never had to use it, and am a bit confused by the manual. Or can I put all my data on my USB external hard drive and will it work without any problems?

Bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question, I suspect, but I don't really know what I need to know!


  Gongoozler 17:15 16 Aug 2005

A proficient computer shop should backup and restore everything for you, however I would definitely backup all important files just in case. You don't need any special software for this, just copy the files to cd.

  Diemmess 17:25 16 Aug 2005

The snag you may be aware of is that the basic new mobo settings might upset an efficient transfer of your old system and applications in their new environment.

As Gongoozler says, the shop should get things right for you.

Even so you would be wise to copy all data files to somewhere other than the HD, which might have to be reformatted and the shop might overlook............!!!

  Diemmess 17:28 16 Aug 2005

An image of your WHOLE system whether Acronis or Ghost, will not be helpful, because it mirrors the drivers and files specific to the old motherboard, which no longer apply to the new one.

  exdragon 17:56 16 Aug 2005

Thanks for that! Diemmess, you said that the hd may have to be reformatted- does this apply to an external one as well? I've got heaven knows how many GBs of photos, so I was hoping to put them all on that as it's a 30gb one. The other stuff should be ok on CDs.

  Diemmess 18:11 16 Aug 2005

Glad you have one, that's the ideal place to keep all your important stuff.

Depending on the facilities at the shop, they imply that all will run exactly as it did before.

However it might just happen that they will reformat drive c: and once done it is too late to argue if the problem is lost data.

If your present HD is partitioned to more than one partition there is no reason why they should have to meddle with any other than the one that carries your present system files.

Once running, you should be able to use the external HD straight away and of course read any CDs you burned in the past.

  exdragon 18:45 16 Aug 2005

Thanks! I've got the C drive with the systme stuff on plus an 80gb internal one which is partitioned into 2, with Acronis in the Secure Zone in one half. As long as I've got belt, braces, a bit of string and some chewing gum, I'll feel happy!

  Diemmess 18:52 16 Aug 2005

May it all go exactly as you wish. When it does, and only then, you can delete the old Acronis image and make yourself a new one from the new system. You will be glad if one day..... ;-)

  exdragon 19:11 16 Aug 2005

Thanks - I won't get it done until I get back from holiday - need to pluck up my courage!

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